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The southern Spanish city of Mallorca has a well-loved resort named S’Arenal, sometimes referred to as El Arenal.

It boasts an array of picturesque beaches with clean blue water and great nighttime entertainment options.

In this piece, we will delve into what makes S’Arenal so special, including things you can only find here like its renowned parties.

With such an appealing mix of relaxation and fun, visiting here should be considered necessary if exploring the Balearic Islands.

S’Arenal Beach

One of the biggest draws to the resort town of S’Arenal is undoubtedly the majestic beaches that lay along its shore.

Visitors flock year after year to bask under the warm glow of the Mediterranean Sun upon the pristine golden sands.

At over 4.5 km (nearly 3 miles) in length, there is plenty of room to lounge about without feeling too crowded while still being close enough for friends and family members to find each other.

Swimmers rejoice that they have direct access to clear waters that invite them for a dip any time their hearts desire.

If one were interested in partaking in some aquatic recreational activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, or windsurfing they could head straight to either Playa de Palma or Playa S’Arenal since both offer rentals and lessons for those wanting to try something new and exciting.

In summary, the beaches of S’Arenal are perfect for families with young children due to shallow calm waters, couples who want a romantic getaway in a luxury hotel, or groups looking to let loose and cut loose late into the night during peak travel seasons in the summer months.

Things To Do In S’Arenal

This charming seaside town is full of activities, attractions, and amenities to make your stay unforgettable.

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back vacation or an adventurous trip, S’Arenal has got you covered.


One of the many perks of visiting S’Arenal is the convenience of having everything you need right within reach.

You won’t have to go far to grab a tasty meal at a restaurant, pick up souvenirs at a shop, or restock essentials at a supermarket.

Medical care is also easily accessible with a hospital and pharmacy just minutes away.


If you’re craving excitement, you’ll love the numerous activities and excursions waiting for you in S’Arenal.

Dive into the clear waters for some scuba diving or snorkelling, hop aboard a boat for a scenic cruise, zoom across the bay on a jet ski rental, tee off at a mini golf course, or discover thrills at an amusement park.

For families with little ones, Aquland Waterpark promises hours of splashy fun.

And for the daring, bungee jumping and zipping through the trees await at a nearby forest adventure park.


Beyond the borders of S’Arenal lies even more to explore.

Take a day trip to Palma, the capital city, to marvel at historical landmarks such as Bellver Castle or Palma Cathedral.

Or visit the amazing creatures at Palma Aquarium – the largest marine park in Europe.

From natural wonders to cultural treasures, S’Arenal and surrounding areas hold endless possibilities for adventure.

As the sun sets on another glorious day in S’Arenal, retreat to your comfortable accommodations knowing you have experienced a true taste of Mallorcan paradise.

Don’t miss out – start planning your next escape to S’Arenal today!

Bars / Pubs & Restaurants

Bars, pubs and restaurants

Welcome to S’Arenal’s dynamic night scene!

As the sun dips below the horizon, the energy levels of this coastal resort town rise and transforms itself into a vibrant hub of entertainment.

The array of establishments in S’Arenal caters to diverse preferences and moods – whether it’s a cosy drink or dancing until dawn, here, you will find what suits you best.

Here are some insights into what’s on offer after dark in S’Arenal:

Nightlife – Bars and Clubs Galore:
S’Arenal is renowned for its thriving party atmosphere.

Numerous bars, pubs, and clubs line the streets, each promising a unique experience tailored to various musical tastes, atmospheres, and clientele.

From chilled-out beachside spots to pumping dance clubs, you are spoiled for choice. Join locals and fellow travellers alike for a boogie under neon lights and the sounds of chart-topping hits.

Some ones to try are:

  • Mega Park
  • Balneari 6
  • Timbol Tapas Bar

Dining Delights – Traditional Fare Meets Global Cuisines:
When hunger strikes, stroll along the promenade or the picturesque streets of S’Arenal, and savour the aromas emanating from local eateries and international gastronomic delights.

Whether you’re keen on indulging in hearty Mediterranean flavours or trying dishes from afar, the town caters to every taste bud.

Discover authentic paellas, fresh seafood, grilled meats, pasta, tapas, sushi, or fusion dishes infused with island influences.

With so much to tempt the palate, you might have difficulty deciding!

S’Arenal, Mallorca, never disappoints once darkness falls.

Enjoy warm, balmy nights with friends old and new, exploring the options the town provides, savour delicious food, and surrender yourself to the infectious rhythms.

What better way to cap off an exhilarating holiday than embracing the magic that happens after sunset in S’Arenal?

Come discover why people flock here year-round seeking good times and lifelong memories.

S’Arenal Port

Embrace S’Arenal’s nautical charm by venturing down to the charming port nestled south of the sparkling sandy beaches.

This quaint harbour hosts a plethora of vessels ranging from modest sailboats to impressive luxury yachts, all ready for adventures on the crystal-clear waters surrounding Mallorca.

If you fancy traversing the seas for unforgettable escapades, let us guide you through the available options.

Boats Ahoy! – Exploring the Coastline:
With plenty of boats and operators based in S’Arenal’s harbour, visitors can set sail in search of memorable experiences tailored to their interests.

Day trips often involve touring the picturesque shores of Mallorca’s southern region or nearby islands like Cabrera National Park.

Cruises typically feature opportunities for swimming, snorkelling among colourful marine life, and simply relaxing while absorbing panoramic views.

Some excursions may include visits to historic sites, cave exploration, fishing, or enjoying mouthwatering seafood barbecues onboard.

There are also private charters offering personalised experiences customised to suit individual groups, couples, or parties looking to celebrate special occasions.

Whatever your preference, you won’t struggle to find suitable boat ride choices departing from S’Arenal’s harbour.

S’Arenal Golf

If your idea of vacation paradise involves hitting the fairways surrounded by beauty, then you have come to the right place.

With a short hop outside of S’Arenal lies a collection of some of the most exquisite golf courses Majorca has to offer.

Let us introduce you to two exceptionally crafted masterpieces that await avid golf enthusiasts.

Golf Maioris – Serene Beauty Amidst Staggering Views:
A ten-minute drive northeast from S’Arenal leads you to one of the island’s emblematic golf courses.

Nestled in idyllic scenery, this 27-hole layout boasts mesmerising landscapes with gently rolling hills, olive groves, and pines dotted throughout.

Choose between three diverse nine-hole combinations, each providing unique testing grounds for players of varying skill sets.

  • Front 9 Course (Par 36) – Perfect for beginners and mid-handicappers, featuring open terrain, elevated greens, and water hazards
  • Back 9 Course (Par 36) – Designed to challenge experienced golfers, showcasing tight tree lines, demanding doglegs, and strategically placed bunkers
  • New 9 Course (Par 36) – Favoured by professionals, highlighting narrow fairways, steep inclines, deep ravines, and large green complexes

All three circuits harmoniously combine natural obstacles with strategic design elements, rewarding accuracy and careful shot selection.

While tackling the course, soak in spellbinding vistas extending towards the Mediterranean Sea, neighbouring valleys, and the distant mountains.

At sunset, immerse yourself in the serenity offered by the tranquil setting before heading back to S’Arenal to recharge for another day spent indulging in Majorcan delights.

Golf Son Gual – Championship Play in a Rustic Ambiance:
Travel approximately twenty minutes east of S’Arenal, and you’ll find yourself at the footsteps of another gem.

Since opening in 2007, this challenging course by Thomas Himmel und Partner – Golf Courses Architects swiftly gained popularity amongst professional and amateur golfers alike.

In addition to hosting various competitive events, this breathtaking course boasts an intricate labyrinth of towering trees, dense shrubbery, and expansive lakes intermingling around meticulously maintained putting surfaces.

The captivating landscape is punctuated by sweeping panoramas of the Bay of Palma, the Tramuntana mountain range, and the islands of Cabrera, beckoning golfers and non-golfers alike to discover and savour them during their travels.

S’Arenal History

Once known for being a vital centre of trade along one of Europe’s most significant maritime routes in the Middle Ages, S’Arenal boasts a vast history dating back centuries.

This charming town holds remnants of past civilizations that have made their mark throughout the years.

Indeed, S’Arenal possesses a wealth of historical artefacts from ancient Roman settlements to Gothic influences during the Medieval period.

Today, exploring these legends of yesteryear is possible as guests wander through the historic districts.

With architectural treasures such as churches, houses, squares, and more, strolling through the alleys reveals fascinating insights into how people lived, worked, worshipped, conducted commerce, and socialised across different epochs.

Discover S’Arenal’s story preserved within its enchanting ruins and structures – a tale reflecting the spirit of endurance, creativity, struggle, triumph, and evolution.

This narrative lies hidden beneath each brick, column, carving, fresco, tapestry, statue, doorway, courtyard, balcony, and windowpane ready to be rediscovered and appreciated by eager eyes seeking knowledge and inspiration from the annals of human progress.

Join the quest to traverse S’Arenal’s timeless corridors today, where history lives on through stone, mortar, and memory.

Best Places to Stay In S’Arenal

Places to stay

Travellers searching for suitable lodging options in S’Arenal are spoiled for choice with various types of accommodations to fit diverse budgetary requirements and preferences.

Tourists can select between hotels, apartments, and lavish villas, ensuring comfort and convenience for any type of vacationer.

If you desire upscale accommodations during your visit to S’Arenal, consider residing at either the prestigious Hotel Playa Golf or the esteemed Hotel Piñero Tal.

These exceptional establishments offer premium services and amenities designed to pamper guests, providing unparalleled experiences that complement memorable stays in the beautiful Balearics.

Whether travelling alone, as part of a couple, or with loved ones, there exists something for everyone who desires to rest in the lap of luxury surrounded by world-class amenities.

Take solace knowing that your search for exquisite lodging in S’Arenal ends here, offering peaceful sanctuaries that leave indelible memories long after departure.

Embrace the warmth and hospitality of the city, indulge in sumptuous cuisine, participate in thrilling excursions, immerse yourself in engrossing sightseeing, and ultimately, rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul amidst elegance and splendour.

Experience the art of living well when you choose to reside at S’Arenal’s finest addresses – Hotel Playa Golf and Hotel Pinero Tal; invest in a holiday that will forever remain etched in your heart.

S’Arenal Weather

The sunny shores of S’Arenal embody a temperate Mediterranean ambience, with gentle breezes carrying the sweet fragrances of saltwater blending harmoniously with blooming flowers and verdant trees.

Summertime brings radiant heat, inviting visitors to relish in swimming opportunities while soaking up golden rays, creating unforgettable beach memories.

During the autumn months, days gradually soften yet maintain pleasant conditions perfect for continuing outdoor pursuits.

Winter welcomes milder weather ideal for leisurely walks under cloudless skies, allowing for enjoyment of the local charm without getting chilled.

All year round, S’Arenal presents temperatures that please the senses and invigorate the spirit, making it a go-to haven for escaping dreary climates elsewhere.

The average temperature in the summer months is around 28°C, while the winter months are cooler, with an average temperature of around 12°C.

The hottest month is usually August, while the coolest month is January.

Getting there

If you seek swift accessibility to S’Arenal’s idyllic setting, look no further than Palma de Mallorca’s handy aerial hub just 10 kilometres down the road.

Travellers arriving here have effortless options for reaching their desired destination within minutes, whether they prefer private taxis, public transport buses, or prearranged vehicle rentals.

For those seeking exploration beyond S’Arenal’s borders, plentiful bus routes ferry passengers onward to various corners of the island.

While railways do not venture directly towards the resort, the closest station lies a short trip away in Palma for anyone interested in alternative transportation possibilities.

Overall, S’Arenal proves to be a prime vacation location where ease of travel enhances overall satisfaction during every stay.

Car rental/hire:

Visitors craving the freedom of self-directed adventures will appreciate having the ability to reserve rental vehicles locally and throughout the area surrounding picturesque S’Arenal.

Convenient reservations online before departure or once landed at Palma De Mallorca Airport ensure that your autonomous wanderlust dreams come true with minimal stress added to your getaway.

Simply grab the keys to start cruising through magical Majorca.


Beneath the warm Mediterranean sun, buses ply regularly along routes linking S’Arenal to the rest of the island – all day, every day.

The S’Arenal bus station sits close to the seashore, ensuring seamless transfers between sandy shores and urban delights alike.

Whether bound for bustling Palma, lively Magaluf, or tranquil Cala d’Or, these island hoppers simplify exploration without breaking the bank.

So sit back, relax, and let the scenic vistas roll by while you enjoy stress-free excursions from your favourite coastal hideaway.


The nearest train station to S’Arenal is located in Palma & there are no lines which run in the direction of S’Arenal, so taking a train to the resort isn’t really an option.


Taxi dispatchers at Palma airport stand ready to whisk weary travellers off to S’Arenal upon request.

Stand at designated pickup points for instant service, or arrange ahead to guarantee speedy passage direct to your preferred lodging.

Taxis prove a top choice for smooth travel, providing comfort and versatility throughout your entire visit without straining wallets too terribly.

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