Mallorca Golf Courses Reviewed

Mallorca has long been a favoured holiday destination for tourists looking to soak up the sun and enjoy some rounds of golf.

This Balearic island boasts over 20 excellent golf courses, from seaside links to mountainous inland tracks.

In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the top courses for golfers visiting Mallorca.

Whether you’re after a test of target golf or just a relaxing round in the Mediterranean climate, Mallorca has a course to suit your needs.

So grab your clubs and let’s tee off on this tour of Mallorca’s brilliant golf offerings.

Golf Maioris

Golf Maioris Majorca

Overall, Golf Maioris receives positive reviews as a scenic, challenging, and well-maintained golf course. Many visitors describe it as a “hidden gem” that stands up against other top Majorcan courses.

The front 9 holes are described as relatively flat and straightforward, while the back 9 holes are more varied, scenic, and challenging.

People often highlight the beautiful, natural surroundings with pine forests, water features, and sea views on the back 9.

Course conditions get strong marks, with reviewers describing fairways and greens as well-kept and greens as fast and undulating. The greens in particular are noted as a key challenge at this course.

Facilities like the driving range, clubhouse, restaurant and staff also receive praise for their quality and friendliness. The restaurant is lauded for its good food and nice atmosphere.

Potential downsides mentioned include the front 9 being less interesting, slow greens, and occasional drained bunkers. But most describe the course as fun, high quality and a good value on the island.

In summary, Golf Maioris provides a scenic, natural and quality test of golf for all skill levels on Majorca, with visitors praising the nice facilities and back 9 holes in particular as standout.

While it may not rise to the elite upper echelon of Majorcan courses, it offers a rewarding and affordable experience.

Telephone: (+34) 971 748 315

Golf Son Antem

Located within a Marriott vacation club resort, this 36-hole golf course facility receives generally positive feedback.

People describe the two courses, East and West, as well-maintained with challenging but playable fairways and fast, true greens.

The courses are set within a tranquil, mature landscape with nice scenery. While not necessarily the most exciting layouts, they offer open, straightforward golf through trees and water hazards.

The West course in particular gets positive marks for condition.

Facilities like the pro shop, restaurant, and staff receive praise for friendliness and service. The extensive resort amenities are also a plus, with pools, villas, walking trails and more on-site.

Potential downsides include the high green fee prices, somewhat basic course designs, and occasional bunker or conditioning issues on holes.

The East course condition draws more mixed feedback from visitors.

In summary, these two on-site courses provide scenic, quality golf as part of a relaxing upscale resort experience, albeit at a premium price point.

The combination of straightforward golf, nice amenities and service makes for an enjoyable round.

Telephone: (+34) 971 129 200

Golf Son Gual

Son Gual Golf Majorca

Golf Son Gual receives overwhelmingly positive feedback as one of the top championship courses in Mallorca.

Golfers consistently praise the layout, conditioning, and service.

The course layout is described as engaging and fun with beautiful views, incorporating strategic bunkers and water hazards.

The fairways and greens are kept in immaculate shape year-round, providing a fair test for all skill levels.

Facilities like the driving range, clubhouse and restaurant also get high marks.

Staff are complimented as friendly, welcoming and multilingual.

While the proximity to the airport means frequent overhead planes, most reviewers feel this is only a minor annoyance.

The only other criticisms mentioned are the premium green fee and occasionally slow play.

In summary, Golf Son Gual provides an exceptionally maintained course with strategic design and great amenities.

It lives up to its reputation as one of the premier golfing experiences in Mallorca and the service matches the upscale facilities.

Telephone: (+34) 971 785 888

T Golf Palma Puntiro

T Golf Palma Majorca

The course layout by Nicklaus Design is described as having a nice mix of holes with water hazards, bunkers, and trees providing challenges. Some call it a classic parkland-style course. The front and back nines offer variety.

Many visitors in 2023 say the course conditioning is now immaculate, flawless, or fantastic after investments from the new ownership. Greens in particular are praised for speed, firmness, and true roll. However, earlier reviews complain of poor maintenance.

Ongoing construction and renovations are noted by some reviewers, mainly regarding improving irrigation and drainage. This disrupted play at times but is seen as ultimately enhancing the course. New tee boxes were mentioned.

Staff receive conflicting feedback. Many describe pro shop staff, reception, and rangers as very friendly, welcoming, polite, and helpful. However, some had poor experiences regarding slow drink cart service, not providing rain check vouchers when asked, and limiting access to facilities pre-round.

The upgraded clubhouse and pro shop facilities are described very positively. However, food and beverage service is hit or miss. Some find the food high quality and delicious, while others complain it was overpriced and poor quality.

Green fees are considered expensive by some compared to other nearby courses, but others feel the investments being made justify the higher prices. Buggy rental availability issues are mentioned.

Overall, reviews indicate T Golf Palma Mallorca is now a high-quality course after renovations, with excellent conditioning. Opinions are mixed regarding value, friendliness, and dining.

Telephone: (+34) 971 797 330

Golf Son Muntaner

Golf Son Muntaner Majorca

Visitors describe the course layout positively. Varied, and challenging, with a good mix of long and short holes. Water hazards and bunkers provide obstacles.

The condition of the course is a bit mixed in reviews. Some found the fairways and greens to be in good shape, while others complained of poor maintenance and dry patches.

Several praised the excellent practice facilities, driving range, and pro shop. The staff are described as friendly and helpful.

Pace of play is an issue noted in several reviews, with complaints of very slow rounds, not enough marshals, and too many players on the course.

The restaurant gets mixed reviews on the quality of food and service. Some had poor experiences but others found it good.

Opinion is divided on value – some feel the course is overpriced for the condition, while others think it is worth the cost.

Overall, Golf Son Muntaner appears well-regarded for layout but draws mixed reviews on pace, conditioning, and dining. It seems improvements could be made to bring it up to the standards of a premium course.

Website: Golf Son Muntaner
Telephone: (+34) 971 783 000

Golf Son Quint

Golf Son Quint Majorca

The course layout and design get positive feedback, described as excellent, very good, and interesting. Some note it is still maturing as a relatively new course.

The condition of the course draws mixed opinions – some found the greens and fairways to be in fantastic shape, while others complained of weeds, bald patches, and poor bunkers.

Several golfers praised the friendly and helpful staff, especially the caddie master. However, some have had poor experiences with unhelpful staff.

The pace of play is a common complaint, with many reviewers citing very slow rounds, not being allowed to play through, and a lack of marshals.

The practice facilities like the driving range and pitch & putt get positive reviews. The clubhouse and restaurant facilities are seen as good.

As the newest of the three Arabella courses, some feel Son Quint lacks the prestige and amenities of others like Son Vida and Son Muntaner.

Reviews are mixed on value for money – some feel it is rightly priced as the cheapest of the three courses, while others think the experience does not warrant the fees charged.

Overall, Son Quint gets mixed reviews. Some found it an excellent and challenging course, while others were disappointed with the conditioning and service. The pace of play issues are a consistent complaint.

Website: Golf Son Quint
Telephone: (+34) 971 783 000

Golf Son Vida

Golf Son Vida Majorca

18-hole golf course located near Palma, designed by Ross and opened in 1964. Recently renovated including a new irrigation system.

Course layout flows through a luxurious housing estate. Narrow tree-lined front 9 with more open back 9. Challenging doglegs and elevation changes on par 3s.

Condition of course gets mixed reviews. Some praise the excellent greens and fairways, while others complain about uneven tee boxes, pitch marks on greens, and poor condition of the front 9 holes.

Facilities like pro shop, clubhouse and restaurant get positive feedback. The staff are seen as helpful and welcoming.

The main complaints are around the slow pace of play, lack of marshals, and overcrowding. Rounds often take over 5 hours due to tee time overload.

The dress code is strict – collared shirts are required, no jeans or t-shirts. Seen by some as old-fashioned.

Overall an enjoyable but challenging course that needs some improvements to pace of play and course conditions in places. A popular option for golfers visiting Mallorca.

Website: Golf Son Vida
Telephone: (+34) 971 783 000

Real Golf de Bendinat

Real Golf de Bendinat Majorca

Beautiful, hilly course with great scenery and views of the Mediterranean. A challenging layout that requires accuracy.

Course condition is good overall, though some mention patchy areas on fairways and average greens.

Tight, tree-lined fairways. The back 9 holes are more interesting and challenging than the front 9.

Very hilly with steep climbs, so buggies are highly recommended, especially for walking. Long distances between some holes.

The staff are friendly and welcoming. Good food and service in the clubhouse.

Expensive green fees are around €97, extra for buggy rental.

Mixed opinions on difficulty – some find it very tricky, others manageable if you know the course.

A few complaints about poor maintenance and rude members.

Overall, a scenic but tricky course requiring accuracy. Recommended to take a buggy due to the hilly terrain. Reviews are somewhat mixed but most enjoy the beautiful setting and layout.

Telephone: (+34) 971 405 200

T Golf Calvia

T Golf Calvia Majorca

T-Golf Calvia is an 18-hole golf course located in Mallorca, Spain. Golfer reviews are mixed, with some praising the excellent course conditions and layout while others criticize the poor customer service.

Positive aspects mentioned include the immaculate fairways, greens and bunkers, beautiful scenery and views, and a challenging yet playable course for all skill levels. The facilities like the driving range, pro shop and restaurant also receive positive feedback.

However, many guests faced issues with the staff’s unwelcoming attitude, especially toward non-member guests. Examples cited include refusal to provide water or food before the round, aggressive marshals insisting groups catch up, and lack of communication about tee time changes. The expensive prices for green fees, food and equipment rental are also frequently criticised.

In summary, T-Golf Calvia seems to offer a high-quality golfing experience but should work to improve hospitality and service to match the premium prices charged. Addressing these concerns could make it one of Mallorca’s top golf courses.

Website: T-Golf Calvia
Telephone: (+34) 971 130 148

Golf Santa Ponsa I

Golf Santa Ponsa I Majorca

Golf Santa Ponsa 1 is a long and challenging course that has hosted several professional tournaments. It offers beautiful scenery and a good mix of holes.

The fairways are wide, and there is no need for a golf cart to get around the course. However, reviews indicate the course condition is poor – with diseased greens, lack of maintenance, and little playable sand in the bunkers.

The clubhouse facilities are also described as shabby and lacking given the prestige of the course. While the staff are friendly, the overall customer service and management of the course have room for improvement.

Golfers report being pressured by marshals regarding the pace of play. The high green fees do not seem to match the quality of the course.

With some investments and better upkeep, Santa Ponsa 1 has the potential to be a top-notch course again. But currently, it falls short of expectations, especially for the price.

Telephone: (+34) 971 69 02 11

Golf Santa Ponsa II

Golf Santa Ponsa Majorca

Santa Ponsa Golf provides a pleasant and affordable round in Mallorca. The course is flatter and more open compared to the challenging Santa Ponsa 1 course.

It offers wider fairways and is suitable for all handicaps. Santa Ponsa Golf is consistently praised for its well-maintained fairways and greens. The course conditions are described as “fabulous” and “in 5-star condition.”

The layout provides an enjoyable mix of holes with some water hazards. The staff are complimented as very friendly and helpful. The halfway house allows grabbing a quick bite and drink mid-round.

While the facilities are basic with no full restaurant or clubhouse, it’s a nice course for the price. The main downside is the slow pace of play, with 5-6 hour rounds being common.

The pro shop staff get poor marks for rude service when checking in. But the course itself delivers a quality experience, especially considering green fees under €100.

Santa Ponsa Golf offers a relaxing affordable round in Mallorca.

Telephone: (+34) 971 69 02 11

Golf Pollensa

Golf Pollensa Mallorca

Pollensa Golf offers a scenic 9-hole course set against the stunning backdrop of the Tramuntana mountain range.

The course is described as challenging yet playable for golfers of all abilities. The fairways and greens are generally reported to be in good condition.

The staff are complimented as friendly and helpful. The views from the patio and terrace at the clubhouse are beautiful. However, some feel the facilities are dated and in need of renovation.

The on-site restaurant offers tasty burgers and a nice lunch menu. Overall, Pollensa Golf provides an affordable and picturesque golf experience, though some improvements to the facilities would enhance the value.

The magnificent scenery and welcoming service make it a pleasant place to play.

Telephone: (+34) 683 248 469

Golf Alcanada

Golf Alcanada Majorca

Overall, Golf Alcanada is described as a beautiful, scenic course with stunning views over Alcudia Bay. The layout is challenging yet playable for golfers of varying abilities.

The fairways and tee boxes are well-maintained and the fast greens are a highlight. Many visitors pay compliments to the friendly and helpful staff.

The facilities, including the pro shop, restaurant, and locker rooms, are luxurious. However, some found issues with the condition of the greens, noting patches, bumps, and repairs.

A few visitors experienced poor customer service when trying to access the restaurant and bar area after playing. The prices for green fees and club rental are considered quite expensive compared to value.

While an impressive and picturesque course in an ideal setting, some improvements to hospitality, facilities maintenance, and customer experience would elevate it to be among the top-tier courses.

Telephone: (+34) 971 549 560

Capdepera Golf

Capdepera Golf Majorca

The Capdepera Golf Club in Mallorca, Spain receives generally positive reviews, with golfers praising the beautiful scenery, challenging but fair course layout, and friendly staff.

The greens are described as well-maintained and true. The back 9 holes are seen as more interesting and challenging than the front 9.

The clubhouse and restaurant get positive marks for the food, drinks, and relaxing atmosphere.

Potential areas for improvement include the condition of the tee boxes, which some found uneven, and slow play when the course is busy.

Visitors suggest Capdepera offers a solid golfing experience at a reasonable price compared to some other high-end courses in Mallorca.

Most reviewers say they enjoyed the course and would return again.

Telephone: (+34) 971 81 85 00

Canyamel Golf

Canyamel Golf Majorca

Overall, Canyamel Golf Club seems to be a scenic and challenging course located on the east side of Mallorca, Spain. Many golfers praise the beautiful layout and surroundings, with elevation changes and ocean views on some holes.

The front 9 holes are described as more forgiving, while the back 9 holes are tighter and require good course management.

The signature 18th hole with its multi-tiered green is frequently mentioned as a great finishing hole.

The course condition is a bit polarizing in the reviews, with some calling the fairways and greens immaculate while others complain about the rough shape or greens under maintenance.

The clubhouse and facilities get positive marks, with a nice terrace, upscale atmosphere, and quality food and drinks. The pro shop is also well-stocked.

Some concerns are raised about the high prices for green fees and food/drinks relative to other courses in the area.

Customer service feedback is mixed. Some reviewers had great experiences with friendly, helpful staff. Others cite issues like no marshal responding when called and unfriendly behaviour from management.

Overall the course seems best suited for good golfers seeking a scenic and challenging layout.

While a beautiful course in a great location, concerns about maintenance, pricing, and inconsistent service should probably be considered.

Telephone: (+34) 971 841 313

Golf Son Servera

Golf de Son Servera Majorca

The Club de Golf Son Servera is located on the island of Mallorca, Spain. It is an 18-hole golf course that has two distinct sections – an open parkland front 9 holes and a challenging, heavily wooded back 9 called the Pine Trap.

The course conditions are generally described as good, well-maintained and in excellent shape, though some visitors noted issues with bare/mud lies at times. The greens were said to be true.

The Practice facilities include a driving range and teaching pros. The driving range is just over 200 yards long and quite narrow.

The club has an active membership with youth programs and visiting celebrities and tour golfers at times.

The staff were frequently described as friendly. The restaurant terrace offers nice views.

At times, 9 holes have been closed for reconstruction and renovations, resulting in only 9 playable holes. This caused some negative feedback related to lack of communication about the closures.

The course is described as beautiful but challenging, especially the Pine Trap section. It has forced some higher-handicap players to play conservatively.

The pace of play has been an issue noted in some reviews, especially when slower groups are paired together.

Green fees are moderate compared to other Majorca courses but still expensive. Discounts are sometimes offered when only 9 holes are open.

Overall, most describe it as a quality course that is worth playing, though the difficulty level and potential pace of play issues should be considered.

Telephone: (+34) 971 840 096 

Golf de Son Termes

Golf de Son Termes Majorca

Son Termes Golf Club is located in the mountainous region of Mallorca and offers spectacular views overlooking Palma and the sea.

The layout of the 18-hole course is described as interesting, challenging, technical and tight. The front 9 holes are regarded as just okay, while the back 9 wind through the hills and are the highlight.

However, the condition of the course has garnered much criticism and disappointment in recent reviews. The fairways are depicted as unmaintained with huge bare patches, weeks of uncut grass, and overly dry rough terrain.

The tee boxes are called horrible, overgrown, shabby and uneven. The greens are noted to be in poor shape – bumpy, neglected, slow, and needing a cut.

Multiple visitors have declared the course to be in the worst condition they’ve ever seen and not worth the green fee, which is called the highest in Mallorca. Some say that free-roaming goats act more as unpaid greenkeepers than staff maintenance.

While the goats lend a novel element, they are blamed for bumpy greens strewn with poop.

The clubhouse restaurant gets average reviews – nice balcony and views but with simpler fare. The pro shop is described as tiny with minimal merchandise.

In summary, while the layout allows for an interesting round with magnificent scenery, the shockingly poor condition from tee to green at Son Termes has led to very negative recent reviews urging golfers to avoid it until major improvements are made.

Telephone: (+34) 971 617 862

Vall D’or Golf

Vall D'or Golf Majorca

Vall d’Or Golf Club in Majorca, Spain offers scenic views and a challenging layout, but course conditions are controversial.

The front nine holes are mature and hilly, requiring stamina to walk. The back nine is slightly more forgiving. The signature third hole offers breathtaking seaside vistas.

The course conditioning elicits mixed opinions. Some praise the greens, while others find them inconsistent. The fairways are critiqued as patchy with too many bare areas.

Parts of the course are very dry and hard. The rough is more dirt than grass. These issues lead some to say maintenance could be better.

The clubhouse receives consistent praise for its beautiful panoramic setting overlooking the Mediterranean. The restaurant offers high-quality food with friendly service. The menu del dia provides excellent value. Live music on some evenings adds to the ambience.

Rental clubs are available but vary in quality. Electric carts are highly recommended by many to handle the long distances between holes.

Green fees are considered expensive by some, on par with top championship courses though conditions are not equivalent.

Tee time booking systems have caused frustration for some groups.

In summary, Vall d’Or provides a scenic round in a striking location, but conditioning concerns, high prices, booking challenges and inconsistent rental clubs seem to diminish the experience for some golfers.

Telephone: (+34) 971 837 001

Pula Golf

Pula Golf Majorca

Pula Golf is an 18-hole championship course located in Mallorca, Spain. The course is beautifully designed and integrated into the surrounding countryside. It has hosted numerous professional tournaments including the European PGA Tour.

The course conditions are generally good. The greens are described as soft, medium-paced, and well-maintained.

The fairways and tee boxes are also in good shape. However, some visitors mentioned issues with a few greens recovering from damage. There were also some complaints about unrepaired divots and pitch marks on the greens.

The practice facilities get high marks, including a nice driving range and short game area. The pro shop is well-stocked. Golf carts are available to rent.

Most reviewers found the staff to be friendly and helpful, especially in the pro shop, reception and on-course starters. The service at the restaurant also receives praise. However, some felt the overall resort management could be improved.

The on-site accommodations are spacious but rustic. Some rooms have been updated while others are more dated. The food offered on the half-board dining plan gets mixed reviews. Several guests recommend eating at nearby restaurants instead.

While the course itself earns rave reviews, the resort amenities are just average according to most reviews.

Golfers mainly come for the course itself. The remote location also means having a rental car is a must.

Overall Pula Golf offers a high-quality golf experience, especially for the green fee rate. While not a full-service luxury resort, it provides an excellent golf getaway for the price.


Golf Andratx

Golf Andratx Majorca

Golf de Andratx is an 18-hole course located in the mountains near Andratx in Mallorca, Spain.

The course layout features dramatic elevation changes and scenic views. Many visitors describe the course as challenging, hilly, and requiring accuracy due to the narrow fairways.

The conditioning of the course is a recurring theme in the reviews. Many reviewers in 2022 and 2023 complained about the poor condition of the greens, describing them as slow, bumpy, and unplayable.

The course underwent greens renovations in 2019 which closed 9 holes, indicating ongoing issues with the greens. Some clients noted the fairways also had issues.

Customers suggest buggies are a necessity at Golf de Andratx due to the long distances between holes. The hilly terrain makes walking difficult. Some holes prohibit buggy use, requiring extra walking.

Multiple clients describe the staff as unfriendly, unwelcoming, and arrogant, especially in the pro shop. Several complain about altercations over misunderstood green fee rates and tee times. However, a few found the staff helpful.

Pricing is controversial, with green fees around €100-150. Some felt this was too expensive given the condition.

The course offers discounted twilight rates starting at 4 pm. Multiple golfers advise playing here only with special offers or discounted pricing.

The reviews indicate widely differing opinions on Golf de Andratx. While some enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and challenging layout, many take issue with the conditioning, staff relations, and pricing.

Expect an interesting but imperfect experience if you play here.

Teelephone: (+34) 971 236 280

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