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Nestled along Majorca’s eastern fringe, Cala Millor radiates vibrancy and appeal, attracting travellers from far and wide.

This illuminating guide dives deep into what renders Cala Millor exceptional. Be prepared to discover treasured gems and discover why adding this jewel to your Majorcan itinerary is essential.

From serene strands teeming with sparkling seawater to myriad entertainment options, Cala Millor overflows with delights for all types of voyagers.

Recharge on golden sands, immerse yourself in dynamic diversions, or succumb to invigorating evenings in the pulsing social scene.

Whatever your desires may entail, Cala Millor presents everything needed for an exhilarating experience.

Let us introduce you to this extraordinary locale, deserving of inclusion amidst your coveted vacation destinations.

Kids rides in Cala Millor

Cala Millor Beach

In Cala Millor, captivating beaches beckon visitors to recline under shimmering rays of solar radiance.

The longest stretch boasts around two kilometres of prime territory ideal for lazing away the hours, savouring sapphire waves, and indulging in leisurely dips.

Sunbeds, parasols, and adrenaline-fueled amusements abound, including paddleboard rentals and dare devilish Jet Skis.

And those seeking solace outside of bustling hubbub won’t miss out – intimate alcoves and charming coves like Cala Bona (home to quaint yacht moorages) and tranquil Sa Coma offer respite from throngs of fellow revellers.

Immerse yourself in pristine paradises only minutes away from bustling hotspots.

Enjoy the multitude of marvellous sandy retreats nestled within easy reach, each brimming with individualized charm waiting to win your heart!

Don’t waste precious time in pursuit of unforgettable days beneath balmy sunbeams – add these idyllic spots to your personal must-visit lists today!

Cala Millor Park

Things To Do In Cala Millor

Cala Millor offers a wide range of activities and attractions to suit all ages and interests.

Some of the most popular include:


Amenities abound in Cala Millor, guaranteeing guests’ comfort and contentment during their vacation.

This picturesque destination provides an assortment of necessities and luxuries to accommodate diverse needs and preferences.

From groceries and medicine to retail therapy and culinary delights, there’s something for everyone.

Rest assured, you’ll find everything you need right here in Cala Millor!

With its plethora of conveniences, this quaint locale has got you covered for an effortlessly wonderful holiday experience.

Activities / Excursions:

Discover an enthralling haven overflowing with countless captivating pursuits to engage in, simply steps away from your doorstep – welcome to Cala Millor.

Indulge in a kaleidoscope of thrilling pastimes to suit myriad interests and passions, whether seeking heart-pumping adrenaline surges or tranquil leisure moments.

Trek through spellbinding landscapes on two wheels or gallop across rolling hills astride noble steeds.

Set out onto sparkling waters, immersing yourself in the sublime wonders below the surface via intriguing scuba diving or serene snorkelling adventures.

Or, perhaps embark on a memorable maritime odyssey to savour majestic vistas and hidden havens only accessible by sea.

The possibilities are limitless within this magical realm brimming with joys untold.

Embrace them now – come revel in the boundless attractions nestled in Cala Millor’s radiant arms!

Bars / Pubs & Restaurants

Revel in the pulsating rhythm and lively atmosphere of Cala Millor’s vivid after-dark landscape, where a medley of establishments caters to every whim and fancy.

Savour the electrifying energy that permeates the air as you sip sundowners at bustling bars, dance to enchanting melodies at buzzing discos, or bond over delectable tapas with newfound friends at cosy taverns.

Indulge in a symphony of flavours and aromas, sampling authentic Mallorcan feasts alongside global gastronomic delicacies that tantalise taste buds.

Indeed, Cala Millor offers an exhilarating spectrum of evening entertainment, inviting one and all to immerse themselves in its dynamic spirit and unparalleled ambience.

Step into the fold of this mesmerising paradise, where every night promises to be a veritable celebration of life itself!

Some you might want to try are:

  • Beach Boys Bar
  • The Royal Burger
  • Rose & Crown


Although Cala Millor may not flaunt her own port, travellers need only journey a modest distance to discover the enchanting alcove of Cala Bona.

Her humble harbour nestles a bounty of opportunities for maritime enthusiasts, including guided excursions and self-piloted odysseys through the jagged beauty of the surrounding Mediterranean coast.

With myriad culinary havens dotting the docks, visitors can savour delectable repasts alongside serene water vistas, ensconced within the rhythmic harmony of crashing waves and distant seabird calls.

Thus, despite her absence of a dedicated marina, Cala Millor proudly watches over a verdant sibling settlement where guests can immerse themselves in the freedom and wonder of the open sea, fortified by an array of enticing diversions ashore.

Cal Millor Golf

Golf Cart Majorca 1

The lush greens and fairways of Cala Millor’s famed Pula Golf Resort beckon golf aficionados from far and wide, inviting them to test their mettle against challenging holes as they bask in the radiant Majorcan sunshine.

Here, nature’s splendour forms the backdrop for every swing, imbuing each stroke with a sense of timelessness and majesty.

As players navigate the manicured links, they are immersed in breathtaking panoramas of rolling hills, verdant valleys, and sparkling sapphire seascapes.

Whether teeing off on the 18-hole course or practising their putts on the driving range, devotees of the ancient game will revel in the luxurious amenities and refined atmosphere of this golfer’s paradise.

So why wait?

Pack your clubs and set forth to experience firsthand the magic of Cala Millor’s esteemed Pula Golf Resort, where sport, scenery, and sublime climate converge in perfect harmony.


From the depths of antiquity arose a flourishing Talayotic community, leaving behind traces of their ingenuity scattered throughout the countryside.

These enduring relics whisper tales of a people who mastered both land and sea, crafting a thriving society amidst the raw power of nature.

Yet even as time marched ever forward, Cala Millor remained steadfast, serving as a fertile cradle for generations of Mallorcans nurtured by the soil and sustained by the sea.

Only when the winds of progress swept across the centuries did our beloved sanctuary begin to blossom into the celebrated oasis of leisure we know today.

Now, come partake in the legacy of Cala Millor, where history breathes life into every moment and memories are etched indelibly upon the heart.

Cala Millor Promenade

Best Places to Stay

Welcome to Cala Millor, where lodging dreams become reality!

Our charming haven boasts a diverse spectrum of abodes tailored to satisfy every whim and wallet.

Be it posh resorts or cosy abodes, we offer ample choices to ensure your stay resonates with you.

For those seeking the ultimate indulgence, luxurious hotels pamper with opulent comforts and top-notch services.

Alternatively, self-catering apartments and holiday villas grant autonomy and privacy, ideal for families or groups seeking respite in their own personal oasis.

Rest assured, whatever your preferences, Cala Millor caters to your unique desires.

Among our treasure trove of dwellings, some stand out as perennial favourites, such as the:

  • Sentido Castell de Mar Hotel
  • Protur Playa Cala Millor Hotel

Cala Millor Weather

Bathed in perpetual radiance, Cala Millor welcomes visitors with open arms and balmy embraces. Year after year, our Mediterranean gem glows with consistent affection, showering residents and travellers alike in a cornucopia of sunbeams and mild breezes.

Come discover the sweet serenade of gentle waves caressing pristine sands as the celestial guardian smiles down upon this tranquil hamlet, ensconced within its protective cove.

Each day dawns anew, suffused with vibrant hues and the promise of adventures waiting just beyond the horizon.

Let Cala Millor envelop you in its golden embrace, where memories are made under the watchful eye of the sun, eternally illuminating our cherished refuge.

The average temperature in the summer months is around 28°C, while in the winter months, it drops to around 15°C.

The hottest month in Cala Millor is typically August, while the coolest month is January.

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Cala Millor average temperatures

Getting There

Nestled along the eastern shore of Mallorca lies Cala Millor, a verdant jewel adorned with sapphire seas and ivory strands.

This idyllic enclave rests approximately 70 kilometres southeast of Palma de Mallorca, the island’s regal capital.

Reaching retreat proves effortless, whether via private vehicle or public transportation.

Those seeking ground transportation may opt for a comfortable coach ride, a convenient cab journey, or a self-guided expedition in a rented automobile.

Alternatively, rail enthusiasts may embark on a picturesque excursion aboard the regular train service linking Palma de Mallorca to nearby Manacor, mere minutes away from Cala Millor’s embrace.

Whichever mode of conveyance one chooses, be assured that access remains swift, simple, and stress-free.

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Where is Cala Millor located?

Cala Millor is nestled along Majorca’s eastern fringe in the Mediterranean.

What makes Cala Millor special?

Cala Millor offers beautiful beaches, lively entertainment and nightlife, historic sites, great amenities for vacationers, and more that make it an ideal vacation destination.

What are some of Cala Millor’s top beaches?

Some of the best beaches in Cala Millor include the longest 2 km stretch of beach ideal for sunbathing and swimming, as well as more secluded coves like Cala Bona and Sa Coma.

What amenities and facilities can I find in Cala Millor?

You can find plenty of conveniences for vacationers in Cala Millor including groceries, medicine, shopping, restaurants with local and global cuisine, and more to meet all your needs.

What outdoor activities are popular in Cala Millor?

Popular outdoor activities include trekking, horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkelling, boating excursions to nearby islands and coves, and golfing at Pula Golf Resort.

What is Cala Millor’s nightlife and entertainment like?

The nightlife scene features lively bars, buzzing nightclubs and discos, cozy taverns to enjoy tapas and drinks, with music and dancing to revel in.

What lodging options does Cala Millor offer?

Options range from luxury resorts and hotels to self-catering apartments and private holiday villas to suit different preferences and budgets. Top hotels include Sentido Castell de Mar Hotel and Protur Playa Cala Millor Hotel.

What is the weather like in Cala Millor?

Summer months from June to August are sunny and warm, with average temperatures around 28°C. Winter months are mild, around 15°C, with January being the coolest month.

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