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Palma Bay (Badia de Palma) Marine Reserve

The Palma Bay Marine Reserve is situated on the northeast side of the bay is 2.394 hectares, and includes all the area from the coast to 30 metres depth between the S’Arenal Nautical Club and Regana Cape.

It was created to protect the Posidonia  (Posidoniaceae) Fields, and also protected species such as Cystoseira baleárica Algae, Cystoseira ercegovicii Algae and Cystoseira stricta Algae.

Fishing is allowed Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and any Spanish bank holidays, except on the protected area of Cape Enderrocat (the very light blue area of the map).

Tackle and Other Palma Bay Regulations


  • Maximum 1 line per fisherman.
  • Minimum hook size of 7mm inside diameter, except to fish Pearly Razorfish

Pearly Razorfish fishing

  • Minimum hook size of 5.7mm
  • No fishing between 1st April and 31st August


  • only daytime fishing

Net fishing

  • Special authorisation is required from the Director-General of Fishing


Not allowed

Submarine Fishing

Allowed Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Spanish bank holidays, outside the special protection area (Cape Enderrocat).

Submarine Fishing Size Restrictions

#SpeciesEnglishCatalanSpanishMinimum Size
1Sciaena umbraCorb meagre / Brown meagreEscorballCorvallo34.5 cm, max 1 fish / day
2Epinephelus marginatusDusky grouperAnfosMero50 cm, max 1 fish / day
3Epinephelus alexandrinusGolden grouper / Gold blotch grouperAnfos llisFalso abadejo53 cm, max 1 fish / day
4Mycteroperca rubraMottled grouperAnfos bordGitano53 cm, max 1 fish / day
5Sparus aurataGilthead breamOradaDorada37.5 cm
6Dicentrarchus labraxSea bassLlopLubina42.5 cm
7Labrus merulaBrown wrasseTord massotMerlo31.5 cm
8Labrus viridisGreen wrasseTord griviaTordo35 cm
9Umbrina cirrosaCorbReigVerrugato35 cm, max 1 fish / day
10Muraena helenaMediterranean moray / Moray eelMorenaMorena95 cm
11Conger congerConger eelCongreCongrioForbidden
12Diplodus cervinusZebra sea breamSard reialSargo breadoForbidden
13Raja spp.SkatesRajadesRayasForbidden
14Dasyatis pastinacaCommon stingrayFerrasaPastinacaForbidden
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