Cala Figuera – Majorcan Natural Harbour


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Follow the signposts from the market town of Santanyi to the coastal inlet of Cala Figuera.

This is where the Mediterranean pushes its way inland and creates a type of fjord that gives shelter to a small fishing harbour as well as moorings for both pleasure and small scale fishing boats.

It is best to park a little way out of town where the roads are wider, as the last time I was there, access through the village had been restricted.

At one time you could drive straight through.

As you walk down the hill and into the village, you will notice the bars and cafes which have outside tables overlooking the water.

You may want to explore a little before refreshments are taken, however, and one of the best things to do is follow the (sometimes narrow!) walkway to the end of the inlet.

This can be found by walking through the fishing port and continuing on keeping to the building line.

Don’t worry – there will be many more people doing the same thing so there is not much chance of losing your way!

Although Cala Figuera has obviously been affected by tourism, it does not seem to have been badly spoiled by the influx of visitors, in fact, all the times I have been, things seemed refreshingly the same.

Each time I have strolled up the walkway, there has been a certain rowing boat stood against the same wall on the same building- it appears never to have moved for years!

When you reach the end of the walkway, it terminates adjacent to a small wood and there is a concrete ramp where small boats may be launched and removed from the water.

On your way back, you will notice the many different houses on the opposite side – some of them perched frighteningly on the edge far above the waterline.

 You may notice too, the boathouses built under the houses next to the walkway, indeed you have to cross several of them as you go along.

Once back to the port, groups of people can sometimes be seen crowding around a recently returned fishing boat.

The fishermen are often disposed to giving away large shells they have caught in their nets as well as fish.

Once you get back to the village, a cool beer or coffee will seem very appealing – or maybe a nice lunch of paella or pizza while you look down on the scene below.

Cala Figuera – you can easily make a day of it!

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Cala Figuera - Majorcan Natural Harbour
A guide to the town of Cala Figuera on the Mediterranean island of Majorca. Includes amp and photos.
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