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Amidst the southern shores of Mallorca, nestled between rolling hills and cerulean sea, lies Colonia Sant Jordi – a tranquil hideaway brimming with natural splendour.

Its powdery beaches and turquoise waters captivate all who visit, rendering it a coveted sanctuary for solitude seekers, lovebirds, and intrepid explorers alike.

Whether immersed in the rhythmic lapping of tides or venturing into the rugged beauty of its surroundings, Colonia Sant Jordi invigorates the senses while soothing the soul.

With countless opportunities for leisurely bliss amidst breathtaking landscapes, this enchanting oasis promises an unparalleled escape from the ordinary.

Embrace the magic of Colonia Sant Jordi; let her secrets enthral you.

Colonia Sant Jordi Beach

In Colonia Sant Jordi, sun-kissed sands and sparkling seas converge to form a symphony of beauty.

A harmonious ensemble of beaches graces these shores, each unique in its own right yet equally sublime.

Among them stands Es Trenc, a gemstone deserving singular recognition as one of Mallorca’s finest beaches.

This expansive ribbon of gold gleams beneath the Mediterranean sun, stretching for miles and offering endless possibilities for repose, indulgence, and aquatic delight.

Dip your toes into the warm embrace of the sea, allow yourself to drift away in the gentle ebb and flow of the tide, and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Es Trenc

Savour the essence of Colonia Sant Jordi’s peerless beaches, where memories are born and time ceases to exist.

Things to Do In Colonia Sant Jordi

Colonia Sant Jordi boat & jet ski rental
Colonia Sant Jordi boat & jet ski rental


Prepare to indulge in all the comforts of home and more during your stay in the charming town of Colonia Sant Jordi.

From savoury dining experiences to refreshing libations, our array of eateries and watering holes promise to quench your thirst for a culinary delight.

Whether you fancy a quick snack or a full-bodied feast, our diverse selection of establishments caters to even the most discerning palate.

Need some essentials for your trip? Fear not, dear friends!

Convenient stores and markets offer everything from sustenance to souvenirs, ensuring that all your desires are satisfied within arm’s reach.


If you hunger for excitement and adventure, look no further than the vibrant playground of Colonia Sant Jordi.

Dive headfirst into the crystal clear waters and immerse yourself in a world teeming with marine life.

Or perhaps you prefer to soar above the waves, skimming along the surface on a jet ski or paragliding through the sky.

For those who seek solitude amidst the splendour, why not set sail upon the sparkling sea, taking in the breathtaking beauty of Mallorca’s rugged coastline?

And when land calls once again, there’s still plenty to keep you entertained.

Pedal your way through rolling hills and verdant valleys, hike through history, or tackle the fairways of a challenging golf course


Nestled amongst the idyllic Mediterranean landscape lies an oasis brimming with wonder and intrigue.

The Cabrera Archipelago National Park, a veritable treasure trove of biodiversity, invites you to venture forth and revel in its exquisite grandeur.

Behold the sheer splendour of nature as you glide across the cerulean expanse aboard a vessel bound for these mystical isles.

But fear not, intrepid ones, for the delights of Colonia Sant Jordi do not end here.

Savour the salty tang of the earthly paradise that is the salt flats, or lose yourself in the depths of the aquatic menagerie that is their celebrated aquarium.

These, my dear companions, are but a taste of what awaits you in this extraordinary destination.

Embrace the magic of Colonia Sant Jordi and let her secrets unfold before you!

Bars/Pubs & Restaurants

Bars, pubs and restaurants

Colonia Sant Jordi boasts a diverse culinary landscape, catering to discerning palates and wallets alike.

From authentic Spanish fare to global flavours, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Nestled among its streets and squares, a plethora of establishments invite patrons to savour their offerings in a convivial ambience.

Bars and pubs dot the scene, serving up refreshing libations and lively camaraderie, allowing guests to mingle with both locals and fellow adventurers.

Elevate your experience in Colonia Sant Jordi through the richness of its gastronomy and the warmth of its hospitality.

Some recommended places include:

  • Restaurant Sal de Cocó
  • Bar al Mar
  • Restaurante Antonio


Colonia Sant Jordi port
Colonia Sant Jordi port

If you fancy a bit of nautical nostalgia with a side order of epic coastal vistas, look no further than the Colonia Sant Jordi port.

This little slice of paradise punches way above its weight when it comes to good looks and top-notch grub.

Take a meandering amble along the harbourside and soak up those Mediterranean rays, ‘cos baby, they’re free!

And if you get peckish (which, let’s face it, is pretty much guaranteed), just pop into any of the numerous restaurants and cafés scattered about like breadcrumbs leading to culinary heaven.


Golf Green Majorca 2

Just a short drive down the road lies the Son Antem Golf Resort & Spa, an eighteen-carat masterpiece of greens and bunkers.

Two courses? Check.

World-class facilities? Double check.

And don’t even get me started on the spa – pure pleasure, my friends.

So pack your clubs, grab your plus ones, and hit the open road towards golfing greatness.

It’s time to tee off in style at the Son Antem Golf Resort & Spa!


Colonia Sant Jordi has a rich history that dates back to the Roman period.

The town was once a small fishing village, and it wasn’t until the 20th century that it began to develop as a tourist destination.

Best Places to Stay

Places to stay

Whether you prefer the opulence of a luxury hotel or the homely comfort of a self-catering villa, this charming locale has you covered.

And why stop at mere shelter when you could be indulging in the ultimate beachside retreats?

Treat yourself to the creme de la creme of Colonia Sant Jordi’s lodgings and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t just book a room, book an unforgettable experience.

Your journey starts here!

Some of the most popular places to stay in Colonia Sant Jordi include:

  • Universal Hotel Romantica
  • Aparthotel Isla de Cabrera
  • Villa Chiquita Hotel Resort & Spa

Colonia Sant Jordi Weather

Ready to escape the dreary skies and embrace the golden glow of endless summer days?

Look no further than the radiant town of Colonia Sant Jordi. Here, the sun reigns supreme, showering each day with its warming touch and illuminating the crystal-clear waters with a brilliant hue.

So pack your swimsuits, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and prepare to bask in the balmy embrace of this idyllic destination.

The perfect climate awaits, promising countless hours of fun under the sun.

Let the sunshine sweep you away to the blissful oasis of Colonia Sant Jordi!

In the summertime, Colonia Sant Jordi heats up to a scorching 28 degrees Celsius, while in the winter months, she cools things down to a brisk 12 degrees.

But fear not intrepid explorers – whether you crave the fiery intensity of the sun or the invigorating chill of the sea air, this Mediterranean paradise delivers.

Brace yourselves for an adventure that promises to test your mettle and reward you with memories that will last a lifetime.

The hottest month in Colonia Sant Jordi is typically August, with temperatures reaching 31°C.

The coolest month is January, with an average temperature of around 9°C.

Getting There

This picturesque town boasts easy accessibility by a variety of modes of transportation, including cars, buses, and taxis.

Hop behind the wheel, sit back and relax, or hail a ride – whatever your preferred method may be, getting to Colonia Sant Jordi couldn’t be simpler.

And if you find yourself arriving via Palma de Mallorca Airport, fret not!

Just a short 40km jaunt separates you from the heart of this stunning seaside location.

Hiring a car, hopping in a cab, or boarding a bus – the choice is yours!

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