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Alcudia Guide

Two miles inland from Alcudia beach you will find the old fortified town of Alcudia with its walls built up by King Jaume I in about 1300 A.D.

The town is excellent to stroll around, and you will be spoilt for choice when deciding what to eat and drink as you take in its charming streets.

There is a market held on Tuesdays and Sundays – and, as is usual with Majorcan markets in general, it is best to make an early start!

Alcudia Old Town

On Wednesdays there is usually a guided walk around the old town – check locally for times as they can vary.

Vehicles are not usually encountered when inside the walls but as people live within the town and, of course, deliveries have to be made, you may still have to step aside now and again on some of the thoroughfares.

We recommend that you see the town on both market and none market days as the atmosphere is totally different between the two.

The bustling of the market can mask the sense of the walled town and it is a shame not to experience the slow pace of ‘normal’ days.

As with many parts of Majorca, the many bars and restaurants lend themselves to a lazy hour or so in the company of family and friends – a little bite to eat (or a substantial 3-course meal – as both are catered for!) and some of the local wine or the many types of coffee you can order – try a cafe con hielo (pronounced café con yellow) – coffee with ice.

This looks strange when you first see it but believe me there is nothing like it on a hot afternoon! A very strong espresso is served along with a glass containing several ice cubes.

If you take sugar, put this into the coffee and then tip the contents of the coffee cup over the ice in the glass – wait a couple of seconds and then sip the contents – tastes like nothing else you will have had before!

As well as bars, there are also many other shops where almost anything the tourist could want is on sale from clothing to cheeses and wines – try to taste the Majorcan liquor herbes (pronounced yerbas) which has an aniseed flavour and is said to be an aid to digestion.

The walled town of Alcudia is a perfect afternoon’s visit where you can experience the best Majorca has to offer.

Alcudia Weather

The hottest month in Alcudia is usually August, with an average temperature of 25c.

July is the month with the most sunshine, clocking in at 11 hours per day on average.

The month with the highest sea temperature is August, with an average water temperature of 26c.

The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 9c.

The month with the most rain is usually October, where the average is 63mm.

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Alcudia Guide
A guide to the holiday resort of Alcudia in Majorca. Includes location map and photos.

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