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On Majorca’s northern coast, you’ll find the charming beach resort town of Alcudia. Known for its great beaches, laidback Mediterranean charm and medieval architecture Alcudia has long been a favourite holiday destination for sun-seeking travellers.

Yet among the family-friendly resorts and sunny promenades lies an unexpected thrill—Kartingmania go-karting track. Offering high-octane fun against the backdrop of the Balearic Sea, this unique attraction injects adventure into idyllic Alcudia.

Perched on the outskirts of Port Alcudia, Kartingmania boasts Mallorca’s largest go-karting circuit. Catering to both amateur and experienced drivers, its extensive track and variety of karts promise excitement for all ages.

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Beyond just adrenaline-pumping races, Kartingmania prioritises safety and ensures all visitors feel comfortable behind the wheel. With helpful instructors, specialised kids’ tracks, and top-notch equipment, it allows both children and adults to fulfill their need for speed in a secure environment.

For those seeking a thrilling activity to share with family or friends, Kartingmania is undoubtedly Alcudia’s highlight.


While go-karting tracks now pepper Mallorca, Kartingmania stands as the island’s original, having welcomed its first drivers over 20 years ago.

Constructed in 1995 on the site of the Lago Menor salt mines, its creation stemmed from local demand for motoring entertainment. A dedicated team of racing enthusiasts carefully designed the circuit, drawing inspiration from renowned Formula One tracks.

They strived to balance challenging corners and straightaways with safety—important given Mallorca’s popularity as a family destination. Since its inception, continuous improvements ensure it remains the island’s premier karting venue.

Architecture and Design

Spanning over 1,850 m2 (20,000 square feet), Kartingmania’s impressive circuit can accommodate up to 15 karts simultaneously. It cleverly incorporates the drama of elevation changes; drivers climb 14 meters above sea level, yielding views of the glittering Mediterranean.

The track layout itself, however, steals the spotlight. Sweeping past palm and pine trees, it squeezes 350 meters of asphalt into a compact yet action-packed course.

Sharp bends test driving skills while a 50-metre straight way allows adrenaline junkies to throttle full speed ahead. Additionally, a separate kids’ circuit with gentler slopes provides children as young as 4 a safe yet exciting driving experience.

The Racer’s Experience

Beyond its first-rate circuit, Kartingmania’s passionate staff contributes enormously to visitors’ enjoyment. Friendly instructors carefully assess abilities before each outing, matching drivers to suitable karts.

They provide clear safety demonstrations, building confidence behind the wheel. So whether honing competitive skills or simply having a laugh with family, all gain an exceptional experience.

Kids beam with pride after independence-building spins, while adults relish the rush of wind in their hair as they blast down straightaways. Yet despite the high speeds, safety remains paramount thanks to top-notch equipment maintenance.

As helmets are traded between eager racers, both children and adults unanimously agree—Kartingmania delivers nonstop awesome.

Practical Information

Given its premium facilities and helpful staff, reasonable prices prove yet another advantage drawing visitors to Kartingmania. Adult tickets start at 20€ for 10 adrenaline-charged minutes, while kids race for only 15€.

Multi-race bundles provide even greater value. The venue operates daily from 9:30 am until midnight, with no need to book. Patrons should however wear closed-toe shoes and shorts at minimum—racing suits are not provided.

Younger children must be accompanied by an adult, with a minimum height requirement of 1 meter for safety. Outside food and drink is unfortunately prohibited, but vending machines offer refreshments to fuel exhausted racers.

Free parking is conveniently located close to the track. Being just an 8-minute drive from central Alcudia, Kartingmania can be easily combined with other attractions for an action-packed day.

Local Appeal

Beyond the track itself, Kartingmania’s lagoonfront location enhances its draw, seamlessly blending high thrills with laidback Balearic vibes.

Its relaxed outdoor bar also invites spectators; friends sip sangria under neon parasols, cheering on drivers skidding around hairpin turns.

While Alcudia town charms with ancient architecture and boutiques, it lacks anything adrenaline-inducing beyond water sports. Karting thus fills a niche otherwise missing, upping the destination’s appeal for adventure seekers.

Visitors unanimously agree – a day in Alcudia feels incomplete without joining the checkered flag revelry at Kartingmania.


Over the years, it has been my joy to watch Kartingmania progress from a makeshift circuit hosting amateur races to a premier attraction.

The sheer exhilaration that washes over first-time drivers – whether kids giddily babbling or adults grinning ear to ear remains beautifully unchanged. Watching another generation of petrol heads catch the racing bug, I’m reminded that summer holidays are ephemeral.

We must seize opportunities for adventure when we can. So when on Mallorca, I wholeheartedly recommend families and thrill seekers alike head to Alcudia’s marvellous motoring gem – wonderful memories await!

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If you’re looking for a bit of history & culture, try the Alcudia roman ruins at Pollentia, the Alcudia church or the Sa Bassa Blanca Museum.

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Blending high-octane thrills with beachfront fun, Kartingmania injects excitement into idyllic Alcudia.

Thanks to extensive facilities hosting advanced karts, visitors of all ages can fulfil racing dreams on Mallorca’s premier track. Yet a passion for excellent service ensures people leave with more than just an adrenaline rush—they gain priceless memories bonding over checkered flags.

So whether travelling with family, friends or solo, be sure to make time for karting when discovering the Balearic charms of Alcudia. Engines revving and palm trees swaying, Kartingmania stands ready to accelerate your Spanish getaway into high gear!


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