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Cala Falco is a secluded beach in Mallorca that is known for its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and tranquil atmosphere.

Hidden away just a few kilometres from Majorca’s popular resort of Magaluf is Cala Falco (Falcon Cove).

Visitors can find a number of small, hidden coves to relax in, or take a swim.

This small cove hosts a sand beach surrounded by trees and steep cliffs on either side, which are great for jumping into the sea, but make sure you check the depth of the water first!

How to get to Cala Falco

To get to Cala Falco, follow the road Calle de el Greco towards Magaluf’s casino, when you get to the road junction for Calle de la Rosa, turn right.

A little way up the road you will see signs for Cala Falco on your left.

The approach to the beach is a downhill dirt track for approximately 800 meters where at the bottom you will find ample parking areas.

Arrive early in the day & you should be able to get a parking spot within a few meters of the beach, otherwise, you may have a 200-meter or more walk.

Things to do at Cala Falco

The area is great for snorkelling as there are lots of rock formations, plenty of marine life and a few sea caves in the area.

You can also walk around both sides of the beach along the cliffs, where you will find more secluded areas (sometimes home to nudists looking for a little privacy).

Cala Falco is great for all ages, as the sandy beach slopes gently into the Mediterranean for easy access.

The caves and cliffs will also provide exploring entertainment for the more adventurous holidaymakers among you.

Cala Falco facilities

Due to its remoteness, the beach at Cala Falco does not offer shower, toilet, food, drink or lifeguard facilities.

Cala Falco hotels

There are no hotels at Cala Falco as it is not developed as a tourist resort.

The nearest hotels are in Cala Vinyes, Magaluf, Palam Nova & Santa Ponsa.

Please note that camping is not allowed on any beaches in Majorca.

Where to eat in Cala Falco

The only place to eat & drink in the cove is the Chiringuito sack bar.

They serve a variety of drinks & food such as crisps, burgers & sandwiches.

Cala Falco weather

Cala Falco most sunshine: July (average 343 hours)

Cala Falco hottest month: August (av. 25 oC)

Cala Falco least rain: July

Cala Falco coolest month: January (av. 9 oC)

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Cala Falco average temperatures

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Cala Falco Beach Guide
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Cala Falco Beach Guide
A guide to the hidden gem that is Cala Falco beach in Majorca. Not far from Magalluf and Palma Nova. Includes map and photos.
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