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Introducing Porto Petro – a picturesque fishing village tucked away on the southeastern coast of Mallorca.

It’s a tranquil getaway where one can savour true Mediterranean vibes sans the crowds of mainstream destinations.

Here’s what you need to know about this captivating oasis.


With its crystalline sea and snow-white sand, Cala Mondrago stands out among the coveted beaches of Mallorca.

The drive to reach it isn’t long when departing from the enchanting village of Porto Petro.

The adjacent beach coves – namely Cala d’Or, Cala Barques, and Cala Varques – merit exploration as well.

All in all, if immersive bathing sessions amid scenic views float your boat, Porto Petro fits the bill nicely!

Things To Do

The serene surroundings could trick you into thinking amenities aren’t aplenty here… yet look closer.

Limited in choice though they might appear initially, establishments dotting the area uphold impressively high standards.

There’s shopping galore plus scrumptious eateries (complete with balmy decks) in the mix; you can even run errands thanks to local essentials like banks and drug stores.

Meanwhile, maritime escapades abide too.

Take advantage of these via sailboat leasing, coaching and expeditions emanating directly from Porto Petro itself!

Activities / Excursions

In search of an adrenaline rush in Porto Petro?

Look no further.

Experience the thrilling sights beneath the crystal clear waters of this charming Spanish town via scuba diving and snorkelling.

The underwater scenery makes it well worth strapping on the gear or simply grabbing a mask and fins.

Those who prefer staying on top of the sea can race over the Mediterranean coastline astride fast jet skis, offering exhilarating views around every corner.

You may alternatively elect for calmer waters – cruise leisurely aboard boats which ferry visitors towards marvels like the caves of Drach or explore wildlife habitats inside the confines of Cabrera National Park.

Bars / Pubs & Restaurants

Bars, pubs and restaurants

Located near the picturesque marina, Porto Petro boasts an array of top-notch dining establishments specializing in fresh seafood caught daily.

Pair your meal with a cold beverage at one of the area’s inviting bars and pubs overlooking the glistening Mediterranean Sea.

Marvel at the beauty of the marina as the sun sets during happy hour, savouring delicious tapas washed down with local wines.

For those looking for food, make you way to hotspots like the Rafael y Flora Nautic, Restaurante Caracola, and Restaurante Goli Port Vell.

In Porto Petro, culinary treats and memorable moments await – all set against a backdrop of natural splendour.


Amidst the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea lies Porto Petro, boasting an idyllic setting filled with lively charm.

The serene atmosphere and peaceful ambience invite visitors to bask in the beautiful scenery surrounding them.

Taking centre stage, the harbour exudes an essence of nautical splendour – its sparkling waters home to sleek vessels that proudly stand still while some gracefully move out towards the vast expanse ahead.

In the midst of all this majesty, one cannot help but breathe in the intoxicating fragrance of delectable seafood being cooked right here in town.

Be sure to roam along the dockside to revel in the sheer beauty of the array of luxury crafts before venturing off to enjoy a magical sunset voyage on these enchanting waters.

Embrace this captivating sight firsthand – discover Porto Petro’s unique treasure trove of delight.


Are you searching for challenging fairways surrounded by idyllic island scenery during your stay in Porto Petro?

Look no further one of Mallorca’s premier golf destinations just beyond the town.

You won’t find any on-site courses within Porto Petro’s limits, but this standout location is accessible within 10 miles of Porto Petro, teeing off while holidaying here won’t be an issue!

Consider visiting Vall d’Or Golf Club.

This beautifully maintained course is certain to please enthusiasts of all skill levels, ensuring that even novice players can enjoy a great day on the green amidst picturesque surroundings.

Embrace the chance to hone your technique before returning to the warm embrace of our resort; booking your spot ahead of time couldn’t be easier thanks to online availability.


In addition to its natural beauty, the area surrounding Porto Petro boasts an intriguing past.

Evidence of early habitation can be traced back to prehistoric periods.

If you can travel further afield, the ancient capital city of Palma de Mallorca cannot be missed – its rich history promises a journey through time via a myriad of fascinating historic sites waiting to captivate your imagination.

From Bronze Age dwellings to grand Gothic cathedrals, embark on a chronological exploration with each step forward into this Balearic Island gem’s laden history.

Experience the evolution firsthand, one era at a time.

Best Places To Stay

Places to stay

Porto Petro caters to travellers of all budgets and preferences when it comes to accommodations. Budget-conscious guests can find affordable apartments, while those seeking extravagance may opt for lavish villas.

A notable hotel selection includes Hotel Baluma Porto Petro.

Be sure to review the offerings and book accordingly before arrival to ensure your desired location meets your expectations.


Located in a temperate zone, visitors can expect generally favourable weather all year round.

In the height of summer, daytime temperatures commonly reach around 25°C, whereas during winter evenings the mercury drops down to approximately 15°C.

August usually registers the highest mean temperature, whereas January accounts for the lowest.

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Average temperatures

Getting There

Situated about 60 Km from Palma de Mallorca airport, getting to Porto Petro involves some careful consideration.

Driving from Palma Airport

Those who prefer to drive themselves can do so by renting a car at the airport and setting off towards Porto Petro.

This road trip should take approximately one hour.

Be sure to plan ahead, as traffic during peak hours could increase travel time.

Taking a Bus from Palma de Mallorca

A more cost-effective choice is hopping onto a bus from Palma de Mallorca to Porto Petro.

While this mode of transportation may require a bit more patience & planning than driving oneself, it provides excellent opportunities to people-watch and absorb local culture while en route.

Travelling By Train

Adventurers seeking a picturesque view throughout their entire journey can opt for taking a train ride from Palma de Mallorca to Manacor before hailing a cab to complete their trek to Porto Petro.

This journey may be lengthier than others; however, passengers will undoubtedly enjoy witnessing the breathtaking island landscapes unfold before them.

Arrivals by Boat

Porto Petro boasts its own quaint harbour suitable for smaller crafts like yachts and sailboats.

Seafarers interested in this charming seaside town would find great pleasure in navigating through the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea directly into Porto Petro’s welcoming embrace.

With these various options available, travel enthusiasts have everything they need to ensure smooth and hassle-free journeys when planning visits to the idyllic location of Porto Petro.

What’s holding you back from starting your next memorable adventure today?

Final Thoughts on Porto Petro

Porto Petro stands out as an attractive holiday destination suitable for anyone seeking diverse activities.

This picturesque fishing village boasts sandy beaches ideal for sunbathing and swimming while offering numerous opportunities for sightseeing and engaging in leisurely pursuits.

Its hospitable population, year-round pleasant climate, and breathtaking views make Porto Petro a place worth visiting and one likely to inspire treasured recollections for years ahead.

So whether it’s pure relaxation or exploration you crave, add Porto Petro to your travel list and start making memories today.

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