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Cala Bona is located on the east coast of Mallorca, just north of another popular resort – Cala Millor.

The two resorts are so close they almost have become one.

Cala Bona Beach

The beachfront at Cala Bona stretches out over 1.5km.

There are a total of 3 beaches at Cala Bona.

Each beach is protected by man-made breakwater structures forming coves that reach out into the sea for around 100m.

All three coves are around 150m wide.

The two main beaches are the southernmost & middle which are each around 30 meters wide & are mainly covered with golden sand.

However, there are areas of gravel on all 3 beaches.

The northern beach isn’t as wide as the others, averaging around 10m for most of its length.

These breakwaters ensure that the sea around all 3 beaches is usually quite calm & you often see people fishing from them.

Cala Bona beach has all the facilities you’d expect from a popular tourist resort in Majorca.

Along the beaches, you’ll find lifeguards on duty during the day & in peak season only.

There are also sunbeds, umbrellas, showers & public toilets available.

Cala Bona is a popular family resort & as such, there are numerous restaurants & cafes to be found along the beachfront & in the adjoining streets.

Once a small, traditional fishing village, Cala Bona is now a rather quiet & relaxed resort catering mainly to British tourists.

You’ll find many bars, cafes & shops along the gorgeous promenade.

There’s also a great cycling path that links the resort to Son Servera, Sa Coma & Cala Millor.

Shopping In Cala Bona

Cala Bona is a well-developed tourist resort.

It may not be Majorca’s biggest resort, but it certainly has plenty of shops & supermarkets to cater for all your holiday needs.

Things To Do In Cala Bona

Scuba diving can be enjoyed in the resort with the local diving school.

The breakwaters also make great artificial reefs/coastline for exploring with snorkelling gear.

Around the resort, there are plenty of public parks for the children.

You’ll also find plenty of usual holiday activities like 4 person bikes, water sports, etc.

Cala Bona Bars / Pubs & Restaurants

Cala Bona typically caters towards British tourists & as such there are plenty of British themed bars & restaurants.

You’ll also find plenty of karaoke spots for those that enjoy a good holiday sing-along.

Port de Cala Bona

The port at Cala Bona was originally occupied with fishing boats of the local fishermen.

However, nowadays the port is mainly home to private yachts & other small pleasure craft.

Cala Bona Golf

Cala Bona doesn’t have a golf course within the resort, but the Pula Golf course is only about 2km away in the direction of Son Servera to the west.

Cala Bona History

Cala Bona was originally settled as a fishing village with just 2 houses & stayed that way for many years.

The first guest houses opened in 1924 at Cap Cupe, which would later be redeveloped to become the Hotel Cala Bona.

With the boom in the package holiday market during the 1960s & ’70s, Cala Bona rapidly expanded in terms of the construction of tourist accommodation & as a resort in general.

Best Places to Stay In Cala Bona

Some highly-rated hotels to enjoy your stay in Cala Bona are:

  • Hotel Cala Bona
  • Hotel Sur
  • Protur Floriana Resort
  • Hotel Catalonia Mar

Cala Bona Weather

Average temp: 20 – 25c

Hottest month: August 30c

Coolest month: January 16c

Transport To Cala Bona

Europcar provides car hire in Cala Bona.

They also have an office with pickup & drop off facilities at Mallorca airport.

Getting to Cala Bona from the airport via car or taxi is quite simple & should take about 1 hour. Simply join the Ma-15 motorway east, which will take you 90% of the way there.

If you want to take the bus, you’ll need to get the A42 from Mallorca airport.

The A42 bus journey will take about 1.5 hours to get from the airport to Cala Bona.

There is no direct train to Cala Bona, as it does not have a train station.

The nearest train station to Cala Bona is at Manacor.

If you want to get the train you’ll need to get on T3 line which runs between Palma & Manacor. This starts from Palma’s Estacio Intermodal station which is located directly opposite Placa Espanya.

From Manacor, you’ll then need to either jump on a bus or get a taxi to Cala Bona.

If you choose to get the bus from Manacor to Cala Bona, you’ll need to walk up the Passeig de Ferrocarril to the Mancor Hospital bus stop (the stop next to the windmill!), or to the Av. de Parc stop.

As this bus, like all buses in Majorca, runs in both directions along the route, make sure you are getting the bus to Cala Bona, not the returning bus to Palma, as they will both show the same bus number (A42)!

In my opinion, it’s much easier to jump on the A42 at the airport if you’re going directly to Cala Bona.

However, some people may want to visit Palma or elsewhere before making their onward journey to Cala Bona, so the train route from Palma to Manacor can be a handy option.

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Cala Bona Resort Guide
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