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Cala Blava Beaches

Locals, on the other hand, commonly refer to the beach as Cala Mosca or Cala Mosques, which is really the name for the entire bay, which includes several of the nearby coves.

Cala Blava is a lovely rocky bay with a sandy beach.

Cala Blava beach is covered in smooth, fine-grained sand toward the sea.

The sand grows coarser towards the back of the beach, with the occasional pebble tossed in for good measure.

On entering the sea, you’ll see that the fine sand extends out into the bay on a steady slope, allowing for easy access to the water.

Cala Blava is a nice beach for children because of the moderate drop into the typically calm sea.

Cala Blava beach lacks beach amenities such as loungers, bathrooms, and bars.

The surrounding neighbourhood is almost entirely residential, including a considerable number of vacation home rentals.

A moderate stroll down the cliffs is a necessity and will provide you with stunning views of the bay and Palma de Mallorca.

If the main beach becomes too crowded, Sa Pesquera Plana is a rocky outlet along the south coast that can be used for sunbathing.

If you continue down the same coastline, you’ll come upon the lovely tiny rocky bay of Calo de ses Lleonardes.

Mirador Son Veri Nou is located along the north shore of Cala Blava and offers amazing views of Palma de Mallorca’s harbour and the Mediterranean Sea.

Cala Blava Beach Access

There are numerous steps to access the Cala Blava beach, making it unsuitable for individuals who have trouble walking.

Things To Do In Cala Blava

Cala Blava is almost entirely a residential neighbourhood and, as such, is not a built-up tourist destination catering to the large number of visitors that visit Mallorca each year.

Walking and cycling are popular activities in the Cala Blava region.

If you want to do more, the lively Mallorca tourist town of S’Arenal is only a few kilometres away and can be easily reached on a bike, or by walking if you have the energy and time.

Bars, Pubs & Restaurants

On the south side of Cala Blava beach, there is a restaurant named Cala Blava Restaurant located on Carrer de Mexic that specialises in grilled meals and also offers take-out service, which is quite convenient for people who live in a vacation rental and do not want to cook.

Rambla street, on the north shore, is home to a plethora of cafés, restaurants, and bars, including Mes Tertulia, Aldente, and Brioche Cafe.

Cala Blava Shopping

The nearest supermarket is the Eroski Center located on Rambla.

There are also a few shops in the area catering for general supplies & your Mallorca holiday essentials.

Best Places to Stay In Cala Blava

Cala Blava offers numerous holiday rental villas.

However, the only hotel in the region that we are aware of is the 5-star luxury Cap Rocat.

If you know of any more hotels in Cala Blava, please let me know in the comments section!

Cala Blava Average Weather

Average annual temperature: 22.0c

Hottest month: August, 29.8c

Coolest month: January, 15.4c

Transport To Cala Blava

Cala Blava can easily be accessed via car or taxi from Palma airport.

If you prefer public transport, you’ll want to catch EMT (City Bus) bus number 22 which runs in a circular route starting at Placa D’Espanya in central Palma & finishes around the Southside of Cala Blava beach before returning back to Palma along the same route.

The other option is the TIB Migjorn 504 bus route & getting off at the Son Veri Nou stop on the Rambla street to the north of Cala Blava. You’ll have about a 1KM walk to Cala Blava though. So a taxi may be needed.

The TIB are the larger buses & tend to make fewer stops.

What’s Near Cala Blava

The quiet beach resort Cala Pi is about 20KM to the East.

The fabulous beach of Es Trenc is a bit further, about 30KM away.

If you head in the other direction (West) towards Palam, you are about 2KM from S’Arenal.

Cala Blava Location Map

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