Trip to the Monastery at San Salvador – Majorca

Situated inland from Majorca’s east coast, the monastery of San Salvador sits on the top of a mountain overlooking the surrounding countryside.

It can be visited by taking the road that runs between Porto Colom and Felanitx.

When you first see the monastery, you may think that you cannot get up to it by car.

However, there is a road which runs off the main road that winds its way up the mountain until a large car park is reached at the top.

If your passengers duck their heads down in the car, they will think they are flying – but if you are driving don’t be tempted to try it yourself as the road requires your undivided attention!

Once parked up at the top of San Salvador, you will be overawed as you approach the giant statue of Christ which towers over the eastern side of the car park.

There are two walkways around the statue at two different levels.

Take either of these and you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

San Salvador Monastery

After visiting the statue, make your way towards San Salvador monastery, where you will pass the low lying picnic areas which lie on either side of the car parking facilities.

The area around the buildings is classed as parkland and maintained by the Majorcan government.

The picnic areas are well equipped with picnic benches and even stone-built barbecues for visitors to use – although in dry summers their use is forbidden, so make sure there are no notices saying not to use them before you light the charcoal!

Once up to the San Salvador monastery buildings you will see a water well to the right of the entrance where the cool water can be sampled.

As you enter the well worn cobbled hallway, there is the discreet San Salvador gift shop where you can purchase mementoes of your visit, while on the other side, up a set of steps, a cafe can be found.

It is best to visit the monastery church first however which is just at the top of the hallway up yet another short set of steps.

Most of the time it is possible to go inside the church and you are even allowed to take photographs – but remember, this is a ‘working’ place of worship so please be respectful.

Once the wonderful peace inside the building has been experienced, you may want to take refreshments in one of the two cafes before taking the winding road down again.

Majorca’s San Salvador is well worth a visit and you could easily spend half a day there – take a picnic and enjoy the views.

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