Do I Need a Fishing License in Majorca?

A Mallorca fishing license is required in Majorca for anyone over the age of 14.

However, any chartered fishing trips will be covered by a ‘collective’ or ‘boat’ license (see below), thus you will not need to purchase a license yourself.

Anyone under the age of 14 years does not need a fishing permit/license.

Before you go fishing, why not check out our guide to the most common coastal fish found in Majorca.

Type Of Majorca Fishing License

There are 5 types of Majorca fishing licenses available for recreational purposes:

  • Individual – any individual aged 14 years or over (includes inland coastal waters from the shore, or floating device e.g. kayak,  pedal boats, etc.)
  • Collective – up to 12 people
  • Submarine – scuba or snorkelling, usually with a spear gun
  • Sport – for competition and tournaments, this license is free
  • Boat – maximum of 5 people

The most popular is the ‘Individual’ license which allows you to sea fish from the shore, so that will be the main focus here.

2022 Majorca Fishing License Costs and Restrictions

As of 2022, the individual license costs are €26.21 for a plastic card delivered by postal service, or a paper license (PDF download) costs only €16.21 and can be printed from your own computer.

Both types of licenses can be applied for online via the CAIB website.

Each lasts for 2 years and allows you to take home up to 5KG of your catch, subject to per species length and, sometimes, weight restriction.

You are allowed up to 2 rods and a total of 6 hooks.

There is no fishing allowed in any of the harbours in Majorca or any other Balearic island.

In addition, you must not fish within 250 meters of professional fishing boats or within 100 meters of other shore users (i.e. sunbathers, swimmers, etc.).

You are not allowed to use attraction lights on your rig.

In Majorca, your license will be restricted to 1 of 11 different areas.

You must select the area you want to fish in during the license application process.

The areas are:

  • Badia de Palma (Palma bay)
  • Cala en Basset to Sa Foradada (West Coast)
  • Sa Foradada a Cala Castell (Northwest Coast)
  • Sa Foradada to Cala Castell (Northwest Coast)
  • Cala Castell to Cap de Formentor (North Coast)
  • Cap de Ferrutx to Punta de n’Amer (Northeast Coast)
  • Badia de Pollenca (Pollensa bay)
  • Badia d’Alcudia (Alcudia bay)
  • Punta de n’Amer a S’Amarador (East Coast)
  • S’Amarador to Cap Salines (East Coast)
  • Cap Salines to Cap Blanc (South Coast)
  • Cala Figuera to Cala en Basset (Southwest Coast)

Where Do I Get A Mallorca Fishing License?

Previously, licenses could only be obtained in person from the Director-General of Fishing (Dirección General de Pesca) at C/ dels Foners, 10 – 07006 Palma, or from Conselleria of Agriculture and Fishing (Conselleria de Agricultura y Pesca) in Campos, Felanitx, Manacor, Inca, Sa Pobla and Soller.

However, you can also now apply for either the plastic card or paper license online here, at the CAIB.

The original page is in Catalan, so I’ve provided a Google Translate link, therefore some of the translation may be a bit funky! 🙂

If you are only staying for a short time in Majorca (e.g. holiday), I recommend applying for the paper-based license.

Once paid for, you will receive a PDF file that you simply print out and bring on holiday with you.

You can also get your license in person at the CAIB offices located around Majorca, but the procedures involved in doing so may be a little strange to the uninitiated (e.g. running to the bank to make the payment, then going back to the office to show the deposit receipt, etc).

To be honest, it’s a bit of a faff.

We recommend using the online application where possible.

However, if you’re feeling brave/bored, to obtain the license in person, simply fill in the application form (available in English from the CAIB office) and hand it in at the office.

You will then be given an invoice, which you need to take to the local bank, where you pay the license fee.

The bank will give you a receipt, which you then return back to the office, after which they will issue your license.

Be warned though, it can take up to 1 month for the license to be issued this way and you will still need to collect it in person from the office, remembering to take your ID with you.

Definitely not recommended for the holidaymaker & to be honest, I wouldn’t expect anybody to go through this process anymore.

What Do I Need To Apply For A License?

In order to get a license, you will need to provide some form of photo identification.

For Spanish residents, this can be your DNI or NIE, for tourists your passport is accepted.

Your fishing license will make reference to your DNI, NIE or passport.

When you are fishing you must carry both your license and the ID you used to obtain the license.

This enables the authorities to cross-check your fishing license with the photo ID in order or make sure the license belongs to you (i.e. to prevent multiple people from using the same license).

Is it likely that you will be checked for a license?

To be honest, from what I’ve seen in the past, the authorities have seemed to be quite lenient with tourists, but this can not be guaranteed.

If you go to a marine reserve you will almost certainly be asked for your license, especially if you go on the wrong day or time of year.

Trust me 😉

In other areas the chance of being asked drops dramatically.

In any case, you run the risk of having your fishing tackle taken away from you if you are caught fishing without a license.

Marine Reserves

There are 4 marine reserves around Majorca which are marked by large white posts along the coast.

You are allowed to fish the reserves in places, at certain times of the year and on specific days of the week.

A booklet is given out when you get your license explaining where the marine reserves are located and the restrictions placed on them (currently only available in Catalan / Spanish).

Each reserve may also have specific restrictions regarding the maximum size of hook you can use, the number of lines, etc.

There are additional fishing articles on our website covering each marine reserve and its restrictions.

Currently, no fresh water course fishing is allowed in Majorca.

Licenses are only available for sea fishing.

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  1. I have a boat in palma for which I have previously had a license for offshore fishing
    I tried to renew this today and was told no licenses were being issued for uk boats
    Have you heard this?
    It seems a bit tough for the tiny amount of catch involved

    • Me too, went down to the office in Inca I think, that morning they were instructed not to issue licences to British boats.
      Does anyone have an update, again they don’t mind extracting huge amounts of cash from the British in any way they can, yet they won’t issue a licence?
      I own a house, a boat, I pay through the nose for everything, spend copious amounts of cash on a daily basis yet they still discriminate?


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