Felanitx – A little history

Felanitx is a town on the island of Mallorca in Spain.

It is located in the southeast of the island of Majorca.

The municipality covers an area of 62.6 square kilometres and has a population of 8,023 (as of 2010).

The town is known for its annual fiesta which takes place in August and features a parade of decorated floats.

As well as the twice-weekly Felanitx market, is also a town of historic interest.

The imposing church of San Miguel has its main entrance at the head of a long flight of white stone steps which take some climbing on a hot day!

The building was also the scene of tragedy when on Palm Sunday 1844, one of the walls of the church collapsed on top of the traditional procession.

Out of the 600 people that were buried, 414 were killed and there is a plaque on one of the walls within the church in their memory.

Surrounding Lands

The land around Felanitx is a big wine-producing area and it is said that nine out of ten bottles of Majorcan wine come from here, which is surprising as a vine pest attacked Majorca’s grapes just before the end of the 19th century.

In the wake of this, in some places on the island, grapevines were replaced with almond trees, but around Felanitx, the stalwart folk replanted all the vines and the above boast is still true to this day.

Felanitx Famous People

In 1951 Guilliam Timoner, a professional cyclist from Felanitx, won the world motor-paced racing championship.

Timoner dedicated his race leader’s jersey to the Virgin of San Salvador and several of his jerseys and a poem he wrote in gratitude, can be seen in the hallway of the monastery at Felanitx to this day.

Santueri Castle

The castle of Santueri lay near Felanitx and the remains of which can still be seen from San Salvador.

This was a Moorish stronghold and resisted ‘recapture’ by the Christians for over a year when the rest of Majorca had been regained by the Christian Reconquista.

When Santueri had fallen, the inhabitants of Felanitx abandoned the town which then stood empty for nearly 100 years.

After the Moors had been routed, however, King Jaume II ordered that the town be resettled – around the year 1300.

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