Felanitx Market

Felanitx Market – South Majorca

Felanitx is a fairly large town situated a few miles inland from Majorca’s east coast.

It takes about 20 minutes or so to get there from resorts such as Cala d’Or and Porto Colom by car.

In addition, there are both arranged trips and local bus services that will get you there.

Felanitx market makes a great day out.

Sunday Market

The best day to visit the market at Felanitx (pronounced fel-an-ich) is on a Sunday.

The local police close off the narrow streets that cut through the middle of the town so that the many market folk can set out their wares on the temporary stalls they erect.

You need to make an early start though, the stallholders will have been there since about six o’clock, and especially in high summer, the heat will be getting unbearable if you leave it much after 10am!

The other thing is to allow plenty of time to walk down from the top of Felanitx market to the bottom taking in the many goods on sale as you go.

There are leather goods, clothing, shoes, toys and much more.

The shops that are permanent fixtures in the streets are open too!

Once down in the main town square, there are plenty of outdoor cafes where refreshment may be taken – as indeed there are on the way down too!

Vendors selling all manner of snacks also punctuate the route and, as you shuffle down the narrow streets past all the stalls, many typical Mallorcan ‘fast foods’ can be found, such as cold meat pies (Empanadas).

Street Music

As one approaches the main square, the haunting ‘pan’ pipe music will be heard performed by a group of musicians who both play the music and offer CD’s for sale featuring their repertoire – you can even buy your own pan pipes from them.

There is nothing better on a warm summer’s morning than relaxing in the square with a coffee and listening to the music.

Once fortified, you can them start the journey back to the ‘top’ of the market by retracing your steps and taking in the stalls you missed on the way down.

Market Haggling

Don’t be afraid to haggle if you spot something you want to buy – a price can usually be arrived at!

The rule of thumb is – if there is no price displayed, they expect a ‘haggle’.

Don’t forget to have a look in the Felanitx Market Hall as well, you cannot miss it as it lies just behind the large church.

In there you will see fruit, fish and veg unlike the regimented shapes and sizes usually found in your local supermarket.

The market at Felanitx is a great way to spend a long lazy morning – give it a try if you can!

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