Majorca Fish

If you’re lucky enough to have done some snorkelling around the coast of Mallorca, you’ll know that the sea is teeming with fish.

There are hundreds of different species living in & around the coves & beaches of Mallorca.

We’ve listed the ones that you’re most likely to see around the coast.

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Common Two-Banded Seabream (Diplodus vulgaris)

Sea bream (Diplodus vulgaris)

The species you will mainly see around the beaches of Majorca are silver-bodied with two dark verticle stripes.

Sea Bream grow to an average length of around 30cm, however, they can grow up to almost half a metre!

They are found in water from 0.5 to 25 metres deep around the coast of Mallorca & prefer rocky areas, but you may also see them foraging around the sands.

The fish is edible & can often be found on menus around the island.

It mainly feeds on crustaceans, molluscs, worms & invertebrates.

If you’re fishing for them it’s not a fussy eater & can even be caught on bits of cheese!

Saddled Seabream (Oblada melanura)

Saddled Seabream

Found in rocky areas & around sea grass with common adult lengths around 30 cms.

If you’re looking at catching one, they are another fish that enjoys a wide variety of bait from bread, cheese & prawn.

This fish is edible & often found on the menu in Majorca restaurants.

Dreamfish (Sarpa salpa)

Dreamfish (sarpa salpa)

Usually around 20-30 cm long & found in depths of 1 to 20 metres.

They feed around rocky areas, usually in sholes of 5 or more.

You should not eat this fish as it is known to give hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD & is classed as dangerous for human consumption!

Ornate Wrasse (Thalassoma pavo)

Female Ornate Wrasse
Male Ornate Wrasse

These fish have different markings based on their gender.

Males have a redhead with blue marks, while females are green with 5 blue verticle stripes.

In Majorca, you’ll often find them living in rocky areas at depths of 2 to 30 metres.

The adults usually grow to around 25 cm.

These fish are not eaten but are often fished for sport.

Females often live in groups, while the males are solitary.

Adults feed on crustaceans & molluscs, while the young act as cleaner fish, feeding on the parasites from the skin of other fish.

Zebra Seabream (Diplodus cervinus)

Usually found between 1 & 50 metres deep & can grow up to 0.5 meters long, but are usually around 35 cm.

They live amongst the rocks & feed on worms, urchins, molluscs & seaweed.

They usually shole in numbers of 4 or 5.

Sharpsnout Seabream (Diplodus puntazzo)

Sharpsnout Seabream

Found at depths of 1 to 25 metres & grows to lengths of around 45 cm.

Often found feeding amongst the rocks on worms, shrimps, seaweed & molluscs.

This species of fish is very common around the coast of Mallorca.

This is another fish you may find on the menu in a Majorcan restaurant.

Peacock Wrasse (Symphodus tinca)

Peacock Wrasse

Grow to around 30cm in length & usually found in deeper water around 15 to 20 metres deep.

Feed on urchins, shrimps, crabs, etc.

You may not see these close up during snorkelling but may get a view from a distance due to the often clear waters around Majorca.

They tend to live around rocks where their food sources can be found.

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