Guide to Raixa Estate Gardens Near Bunyola Majorca

The house and gardens of Raixa have Arabian origins. With the abundance of water and the fertility of territories of this privileged place, the Moors founded the Araixa farmhouse here during their time in Majorca, where the present name of the property comes from.

Under Arab rule, art, architecture and economy bloomed for 300 years in the area. The gardens of Raixa and Alfabia, with their advanced irrigation systems, are a clear example of Arabian ingenuity during the period.

Raixa Origins

Raixa is closely associated with Majorcan born Antoni Despuig i Cotoner , a cardinal of the Ecclesiastical Court of the Vatican. In 1797 this supreme judge gave the present form to the palace and its garden, concentrating his efforts in turning the medieval Arab property into an Italian town. However, it is impossible not to recognise the Arabian origins of the Raixa gardens.

The main house served as a space to exhibit works of art brought from Italy at the end of the 18th century. These masterpieces can now be admired in the permanent exhibition at the Castillo Bellver in Palma de Mallorca.

In January 2002 the property of Raixa, which has the qualification of Property of Cultural Interest in Mallorca (BIC), was bought by the Consell of Majorca and the Ministry of Environment of the Spanish Government, with the aim of appointing it to public uses.

Raixa Famous Associations

In the last few decades, Raixa has been the scene of diverse cinematographic productions like:

  • Death Under the Sun, based on the novel of Agatha Christie
  • Bearn, based on the novel of Llorenç Villalonga, and
  • Presence of Mind (El Celo), the first movie of the Majorcan, Antoni Aloy with Lauren Bacall and Sadie Frost.

Raixa has also inspired diverse advertising campaigns shown on both television and other media throughout Spain. It has also given its name to one of the music records produced by Maria del Mar Bonet, a Balearic singer.

Visiting Information

At the moment the Raixa gardens are open to the public showing all the enchantment and romanticism of:

  • the exteriors of the palace
  • inner patio
  • chapel
  • gardens
  • staircase and great pool

Duration:  2 hours 15 min.

Directions: Carretera Ma11 Palma-Sóller.

Visiting Hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 14:00

Price: free

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