Vall D’or Golf

On the southeastern coast of Mallorca, Spain lies the magnificent Vall D’or Golf course and club.

Opened in 1986, this 18-hole, par 71 course is considered one of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses on the island.

Its splendid sea views and Mediterranean landscape create an idyllic setting for a round of golf. Let’s take a closer look at what this premier golf destination has to offer.

Course Overview

Spanning 5538 meters from the back tees, Vall D’or Golf provides a true test of skill and accuracy. The front nine holes feature undulating fairways framed by pine, almond and olive trees. The back nine holes descend towards the sea, with wider and more rugged fairways carved into the cliffs.

Two unique landscapes emerge – an inland forested landscape, and a coastal landscape with spectacular vistas.

Amenities and Facilities

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Vall D’or Golf has extensive practice facilities including a 200-meter driving range with 18 driving bays, two practice bunkers, a chipping and approach area, and three putting greens.

The clubhouse offers locker rooms, club and cart rentals, a pro shop, restaurant, terrace bar, and a pool. The staff provides excellent service, attending to golfers’ every need.

Course Layout and Design

Golf architect Bradford Benz designed the original 9-hole course in 1991, integrating the inland and coastal terrain to craft an 18-hole course filled with risk-reward choices.

The front and back nines place different demands on golfers. The forested front nine features tight landing areas demanding accuracy. The back nine allows more room off the tee but brings the wind and sea gorge into play on approaches to larger, undulating greens.

Playing Experience

Vall D’Or Golf offers golfers an unforgettable playing experience. The course routing makes the most of the natural movement of the land, delivering elevation changes, doglegs, blind shots, and breathtaking scenery.

Golfers must account for sea breezes and wind shifts. The excellent conditions provide pure putting surfaces and predictable lies in the fairways. Buggies are highly recommended to handle the abundant elevation changes.

The course presents a fair but demanding examination of a golfer’s skill.

Conditions and Maintenance

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The maintenance crew keep Vall D’or Golf in pristine condition year-round. They maintain the cool season fairways and greens through the hot Mallorcan summers.

Golfers can expect lush fairways with tight lies, smooth lightning-fast greens, and well-defined hazards. Vall D’Or Golf invests continually in course infrastructure and maintenance equipment to provide an exceptional playing surface.

Scenery and Atmosphere

The scenic beauty of Vall D’or Golf is second to none. Every hole offers spectacular vantage points of the sea below.

Golfers playing the signature 3rd hole experience a special thrill as they launch shots over a deep chasm to the green 100 meters below.

Watching the sunset over the Mediterranean sea while enjoying a cold drink on the clubhouse terrace is the perfect ending.

Local Knowledge and Tips

Vall D’Or Golf features an abundance of elevation change. Walking is not advisable. Rent a buggy to conserve energy for your game.

Study the pin positions on the undulating greens, as proper club selection is key. Keep shots below the pin to avoid dangerous downhill putts.

The best value is enjoyed playing late afternoon in the cooler temperatures when green fee rates are lower.

Hole 1 – 152m, par 3

Hit a smooth 137-metre mid-iron aimed at the left centre of the elevated green. Ensure solid contact to carry the trouble and hold the small green. Missing the green and scrambling for par becomes extremely difficult with tight lies around the green. Executed perfectly, birdie is possible on this tricky par 3.

Hole 2 -319m, par 4

Hit a 265-metre drive down the left side, avoiding the right rough and trees. Approach with a mid-iron that carries the four front bunkers and lands middle of the large, undulating green. Two putts for a solid par, but a birdie is possible with an accurate approach shot.

Hole 3 – 450m, par 5

Hit a perfect 254-metre drive to the left side of the sloping fairway. Approach from 200 metres out with a long iron or fairway wood that carries the left olive tree and right hazards. Aim at the middle of the green to set up an eagle putt on this picturesque hole with stunning sea views.

Hole 4 – 132m, par 3

Hit a smooth pitching wedge that flies 120 meters and lands left side of the elevated green. Allow extra distance due to the raised green and avoid the right front bunkers. This may result in a lengthy first putt but sets up an excellent look at birdie.

Hole 5 – 314m, par 4

Hit an accurate 276 meter tee shot with a fairway wood, avoiding driver, to find the tight fairway. Approach using a short iron that flies 100 meters to the picturesque green set below. Keep the ball under the hole on this downhill green. Birdie opportunity with two solid shots in play.

Hole 6 – 343m, par 4

Hit a 297-metre drive favouring the right side to avoid OB left and the woods right. Play an accurate short iron approach that flies the front bunkers and hits the middle of the severely sloped tiny green. Two well-executed shots set up a good look at par on the difficult index 3 hole.

Hole 7 – 350m, par 4

Hit a power fade drive 290 metres into the pine tree-lined fairway. Play a precise short iron that carries the front pot bunker and hits the centre of the challenging elevated green that is narrow and deep. Keeping the ball below the hole allows for a reasonable birdie chance on this index 5 hole.

Hole 8 – 301m, par 4

From the elevated tee, hit a safe 260-metre drive with less than the driver, avoiding the corner lake. Longer hitters can attempt to cut the corner over the lake with a well-struck hybrid. Wedge approach flies 95 meters over the water and front bunkers to the middle of the green. Smart play yields a good birdie chance on the index 17 hole.

Hole 9 – 478m, par 5

Hit a booming 300-metre drive down the wide open fairway. Approach from 180 meters out on the right side for the best angle of attack to the protected green. Longer hitters can reach in two shots. Play a high short iron that carries the front bunkers and hits the middle of the elevated green. Eagle or birdie are within reach with two excellent shots.

Hole 10 -349m, par 4

Hit a 310-metre drive from the elevated tee down the left centre, avoiding out-of-bounds left. Approach the large, bunker-guarded green with a mid-iron from 140 metres out. Hit the green and two putts yields a par. Keep the drive in play and a birdie is within reach on the difficult index 4 hole.

Hole 11 – 417m, par 5

Hit a 290-metre drive to the right half of the rising fairway, avoiding OB left. Play a 130-metre shot over the large hollow, setting up an approach from 95 metres to the elevated green. Hit a towering wedge that lands middle of the green for a reasonable eagle chance. Keeping the drive in play is key to scoring on this index 12 hole.

Hole 12 – 134m, par 3

Hit a smooth 120-metre mid-iron shot. Allow for the prevailing wind blowing towards OB left. Land the ball on the right side of the lower-elevation green to avoid the hazard and set up a birdie. Solid contact and proper wind adjustment are critical on the tricky downhill par 3.

Hole 13 – 497m, par 5

Hit a 287-metre tee shot avoiding OB left down the sloping, dogleg left fairway. Hit a blind second shot of 190 meters uphill to reach the higher level. Approach the wide, rolling green from 100 meters out. Land the ball safely on, avoiding the front and side bunkers to set up an eagle or birdie on the index 10 hole.

Hole 14 – 298m, par 4

Hit a 260-metre drive up the slightly rising fairway, carrying the right bunker. Approach the green from 130 meters out with a short iron. Hit the green and two putts yield a routine par. This is a scoring hole, so a birdie or better should be the goal on the index 18 hole.

Hole 15 – 164m, par 3

Hit a smooth 150-metre mid-iron from the tee aimed at the right side of the very wide green. Allow extra club to carry the front bunker. This hole presents a good birdie opportunity if you avoid the sand. Keep the tee shot on the green and walk away with par.

Hole 16 – 342m, par 4

Hit a 295-metre drive off the new tee taking advantage of the full visibility of the hole. Approach with a short iron that carries the deep front bunker and lands in the middle of the severely sloped wide green. Miss short and right and watch your ball roll back down the hill. Smart play sets up a great birdie chance on the difficult index 2 hole.

Hole 17 – 325m, par 4

Hit a 290-metre drive from the elevated tee down the right side to avoid OB left. Approach the slightly uphill green from 130 meters out with an accurate short iron. Carry the left greenside bunker and land the ball on the front right section of the sloping green. Smart play sets up a great look at birdie on the index 8 hole.

Hole 18 – 165m, par 3

Hit a soaring 150-metre mid-iron that carries the out-of-bounds left and the front tree, landing safely on the expansive green. Allow extra club to handle the elevation change. Putt aggressively on the severely sloped green to match par. Keep the tee shot dry and on the green to walk away with a hard-earned par.

Hole Distance, Par & Handicap

HoleDistance (m)ParHandicap

Customer Service and Staff

The staff of Vall D’Or Golf defines Spanish hospitality. They greet golfers with smiles and service them in a professional manner.

The pro shop staff ensures you have the right equipment and knowledge of the course for an enjoyable round. The clubhouse staff welcomes golfers after their rounds with cold drinks, tasty tapas, and magnificent sunset views.

The course marshals provide useful tips on how to play the best holes and keep play moving at an ideal pace.

Value for Money

Green fees at Vall D’Or Golf provide reasonable value compared to other premier Mallorca courses. The well-maintained course conditions and amenities reflect the green fee rates ranging from €85 to €134 during peak season.

Special value rates are offered for replay rounds, juniors, and late afternoon starts. Annual club membership packages also deliver exceptional value and privileges for frequent golfers.


Vall D’Or Golf offers visiting golfers a complete golf experience. The superb course conditions, spectacular ocean vistas, first-rate amenities, and gracious service leave lasting memories with golfers who play here.

It justly deserves its reputation as one of the top golf courses in Mallorca. This is one course no travelling golfer should miss when holidaying on this sun-drenched Spanish isle.


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