Majorca Cycling Tourist Guide

Majorca has a large network of cycling routes through planes, hills and mountains.

Thanks to the warm climate of Majorca, many professionals come to train during the winter preparing for the next season.

The island is the ideal place for amateur and professional cycling but also to enjoy oneself on a means of transport that allows the surroundings to be admired to their utmost.

There are many different cycling routes in Majorca that will allow the tourist to obtain an inside look at the treasures that this island conceals.

This is a clean and cultural tourism experience that adds environmental value to motivate the tourist to visit the island in a completely different way.

Approximately 25,000 cyclists visit Majorca every year attracted by its pleasant and mild climate from September to May where it is possible to enjoy spring-like days

There are 675 KM of secondary and local roads, with short and long routes, trips that are completely flat or that have hills and steep slopes.

Taking Your Bike On The Train

All trains in Majorca connect with Palma, the capital of the island.

It should be noted that the Soller Train does not allow bicycles at any time.

Also, some of the main train routes don’t allow bicycles at certain times of day depending on the route.

You should check the timetable on display at the train station, as this will indicate whether you’re allowed to take your bicycle on the train.

This is indicated with a symbol of a bicycle with a red line through it (i.e. bikes not allowed on the train).

Majorca Cycling Safety Precautions

To really enjoy your cycling tourism, it is important to take some of the following precautions and respect road rules to enjoy this experience safely.

Here are some of the rules and safety recommendations:

  • Cycling routes are not usually exclusive for cycling, remember you’ll share the road with motor vehicles
  • Wear reflective clothing which can be seen from at least 150 meters away
  • Use standardised helmets
  • Children up to age 7 can be transported in standardised seats
  • Ride as far to the right as possible on roads. Cyclists can ride in columns of two abreast. Ride in single file in places where visibility is poor.
  • On inter-city roads, turn from the right
  • No cycling is allowed on motorways
  • Bring extra food and drink. Water is very important, especially as summer gets near.
  • Be careful with the sun. Even in winter, cycling for many hours under the sun can burn your skin. Use protective sun cream
  • Respect the flora and fauna along the way. Close the doors or gates you pass through behind you. Do not enter if trespassing is not allowed
  • “Free” camping is not allowed in Majorca
  • Do not throw rubbish. Use the bins provided.
  • It is prohibited to fire. A badly put off cigarette can provoke a fire.

In the following articles, we’ll introduce some of the routes available to familiarise with the geography and scenery of Majorca.

Some of these routes will be easy, and others will require a good physical shape in order to complete them.

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