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Peguera is a small tourist town in Calvià where you will be able to enjoy the sun, water activities, golfing, etc.

It is mainly a German resort, but in recent years more English are moving from Palma Nova towards this area on their holidays.

The pine trees in the area are particularly rich in resin.

Peguera means “tar oven”, which is used to manufacture resin, sand and wood into pitch.

This is used for sealing wine barrels and making the local fishing boats waterproof.

Peguera used to be the main port for transporting Almonds collected in Majorca to mainland Spain.

Nowadays its centre is a wide boulevard with shops, restaurants and bars, an idyllic place for a stroll with views of both the sea and the mountains.

The whole area is especially beautiful due to its impressive sea views and beaches with crystalline waters with an average temperature of 25ºC (77ºF) which make it a brilliant place to enjoy water sports, swimming and beach games.

Peguera Beaches

Peguera has 3 beaches: La Romana, La Palmera and Tora, all awarded with the Q of “Quality” and blue European flags.

Another beach is very near called Cala Fornells.

You can walk from one to the other through a lovely “paseo” (path) built along the coastline.

La Romana or “Beach of the Dead”

This is the smallest of the three, 180 meters long and 60 meters wide.

It gets its name from the prehistoric tombs found in the area.

It is surrounded by pine trees, municipal tennis courts and other sports facilities.

Walking through the cliffs towards the east you can find a small cove with a rocky beach and crystal clear water.

At La Romana beach you can enjoy fresh food, access to a public telephone, toilet/shower facilities, lifeguard & first aid facilities, access for wheelchairs to the beach and in the peak of summer up to 300 sun loungers and 150 parasols.

Tora Beach

The central beach and the most popular one of the three.

It measures 400 meters long and 55 wide.

It has all sorts of amenities, such as restaurants, live music, facilities for children and excellent wheelchair access.

On this beach, there are numerous water sports, including water skiing, windsurfing and a small port for sea excursions.

One of these excursions is a 2-hour trip on a semi-submersible catamaran with underwater windows where you can see lots of fish and swim in the Malgrat Islands Nature Park.

Palmyra Beach

The longest one and as its name suggests, it is surrounded by pine and palm trees, extended next to the boulevard of Peguera.

It has numerous amusements such as beachfront hotels, restaurants, bars with live music, nautical activities, WIFI, 715 sun loungers and 355 parasols, as well as lifeguard, first aid facilities, wheelchair access, public telephone and showers.

Palmyra Beach is 600 meters long by 40 meters wide.

Cala Fornells

A 10-minute walk along the coastal path from Platja Tora lies the secluded pebble beach of Cala Fornells. Surrounded by pine trees, it’s an idyllic spot to relax away from the crowds.

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A guide to the beautiful beaches of Peguera on the Mediterranean island of Majorca. Includes map and photos.
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