T-Golf Calvia

Just outside Palma de Mallorca lies T-Golf Calvia, one of the island’s premier golf clubs. Originally designed by renowned golf architect John Harris and opened in 1978, T-Golf Calvia has undergone an extensive multi-million euro renovation in recent years to restore it to its former glory.

With breathtaking views of the Tramuntana Mountains, a challenging yet playable layout, and outstanding amenities, T-Golf Calvia offers a quintessential Mediterranean golfing experience.

Course Overview

Spanning 6450 meters from the championship tees, T-Golf Calvia plays to a par of 72 over 18 holes. The course features undulating fairways that wind through pine trees and olive groves, providing definition yet width off the tee.

Strategically placed bunkers and water hazards demand accuracy to the large, smoothly contoured greens. The routing maximises the dazzling vistas of the surrounding mountains and countryside.

While demanding of good ball striking, T-Golf Calvia provides multiple tee boxes to accommodate all skill levels. With a mix of scenic par 3s, risk-reward par 5s, and strong par 4s, T-Golf Calvia is an engaging test of golf suitable for resort players and seasoned competitors alike.

Amenities and Facilities

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T-Golf Calvia boasts outstanding practice amenities including a double-ended driving range with target greens, short game areas, and ample putting surfaces. The expansive clubhouse features locker rooms, a well-stocked golf shop, and restaurants with outdoor terraces overlooking the course.

Golf carts are equipped with GPS and touchscreen displays outlining hole layouts. The club provides top-quality rental clubs and shoes, ensuring all golfers have proper equipment.

T-Golf Calvia’s magnificent amenities complement the world-class course and enhance the overall golfing experience.

Course Layout and Design

Architect John Harris infused T-Golf Calvia with diverse holes that place a premium on precision and course management.

The par-3 6th plays to a huge double-tiered green protected by bunkers, while the short par-4 7th demands an accurate tee shot between fairway bunkers.

Perhaps the most memorable hole is the par-4 10th, which doglegs around a lake and features an island green guarded by strategically placed bunkers.

Harris crafted holes that blend seamlessly with the natural landscape and terrain. His artistic touches combine with the spectacular setting to create an unforgettable round of golf.

Playing Experience

Most visitors describe T-Golf Calvia as a fair test that provides plenty of shot options without an overabundance of penalty. While the championship tee boxes bring an added degree of difficulty, the multiple tee placements welcome golfers of all abilities.

The large greens are said to putt smoothly albeit with subtle breaks that test read and speed control. Consistently high marks are given for course conditions and maintenance, with plush fairways and slick, true greens that promote good scoring.

The spacious layout allows groups to play at an enjoyable pace. With picturesque views everywhere, T-Golf Calvia offers a golf experience focused on beauty and enjoyment rather than severity.

Course Conditions and Maintenance

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Recent investments have brought the course conditions at T-Golf Calvia to an exceptional standard.

Visitors frequently describe the fairways and greens as “immaculate” and “mint.” The closely mowed fairways provide optimal turf interaction while the greens roll smoothly and consistently.

Bunkers feature finely groomed, bright white sand that presents an ideal playing surface. Water hazards and landscape areas are impeccably maintained to provide beauty and strategic interest.

The club’s vigilant grounds staff ensures T-Golf Calvia is presented in pristine shape year-round. The superb conditioning complements the captivating setting to create a special atmosphere every time you play.

Scenery and Atmosphere

One of T-Golf Calvia’s biggest draws is its breathtaking scenery, with vistas of the nearby Tramuntana Mountains – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The course overlooks the mountain range as well as the surrounding valley dotted with quintessential Mediterranean villages.

The tranquil setting, accented by stone walls, olive and almond groves, creates a soothing atmosphere perfect for escaping the stresses of everyday life.

Upon arriving at the exquisitely designed clubhouse, you immediately get a sense of the understated luxury and old-world charm that define T-Golf Calvia’s relaxing vibe. It’s a place to savour nature’s beauty as you make your way around the course.

Local Knowledge and Tips

Golfers suggest studying the layout carefully on your first time playing T-Golf Calvia, as the holes seamlessly blend together and it is easy to mistake your hole location.

They also advise bringing plenty of balls, as the numerous water hazards and dense rough will take their toll on your supply.

Be ready for the fast greens, and beware of the false fronts that repel wayward approach shots. If the wind is up, club selection gets trickier on holes playing into or with the prevailing breeze.

You’ll want to account for the effects of elevation and wind when planning your shots. Lastly, keep an eye out for the roaming wildlife like peacocks – unique local hazards!

Hole 1 – 401m, par 4

The opening hole is a challenging par 4 of 367m (401 yards) from the tips. The ideal tee shot hugs the right side of the fairway to avoid the bunkers on the right and maximize your angle into the green. Anything too far left risks the out-of-bounds down the left edge. Approach shots that challenge the front right bunker leave the shortest shot in, but require precision. The green is large and receptive to mid and short irons. Just avoid the left greenside bunker and you’ll have an early birdie chance.

Hole 2 – 557m, par 5

The first par 5 plays 509m (557 yards) to an elevated green. The drive calls for an aggressive line just right of centre to set up the second shot. Stay well short of the left fairway bunker to avoid running through the short grass. From the ideal position in the centre, longer hitters can attack the green in two shots. But there is trouble lurking left, so favour the right third of the green and avoid bringing the left greenside bunker into play. For those laying up, a wedge is likely into a green that funnels everything towards the middle.

Hole 3 – 397m, par 4

The tee shot on this tricky 363m (397 yard) par 4 demands precision to avoid trouble left and right. The ideal line hugs the right fairway edge which opens up the approach. Anything too far left risks the fronting lake and messing up your angle to the green. From the fairway, it’s a mid to short iron into an elevated green guarded by front and side bunkers. The smart play is below the hole to avoid a wicked downhill putt. Par is a great score here.

Hole 4 – 365m, par 4

From an elevated tee, the 333m (365 yard) par 4 tempts you to cut off as much of the dogleg left corner as possible. But the fairway tightens at 274m (300 yards), so challenge the bunkers in the 261m (285 yard) range at most. Anything too far left is wet. From the short grass, most players will have 6-iron into a green protected only by a front right bunker. The green is receptive to aerial shots, so don’t be afraid to fly it on and stop it quick.

Hole 5 – 438m, par 5

Get ready for the day’s first birdie chance on this scoreable 400m (438 yard) par 5. The drive sets up the hole, so favour the right centre to open up the second shot over the left fairway bunker. From about 183m (200 yards) out, the choice is yours – lay up short of the cross bunkers to a comfortable wedge distance or go for broke over the sand and water. The green is large but guarded by deep bunkers left and right. For those laying up, avoid the front right greenside bunker with a mid-iron third. This is a great hole to make some ground on the field.

Hole 6 – 172m, par 3

The first par 3 plays 157m (172 yards) to an extremely large double-tiered green protected by bunkers on all sides. The left bunkers are most threatening, so favour the right half of the green which will feed shots towards the centre. Depending on hole location and wind, target the proper tier with a mid to long iron. With tricky undulations, it’s vital to putt this green from below the hole. Par is a solid score here.

Hole 7 – 325m, par 4

The fairway on the 297m (325 yard) 7th is pinched by deep bunkers at 261m (285 yards), so play short of them with an iron or fairway wood. The ideal line hugs the tree line down the left side which opens up the approach. From 91m (100 yards), play a wedge or short iron into the severely elevated green. Missing right leaves an almost impossible up and down, so target the left third and allow the slope to feed the ball towards the hole location.

Hole 8 – 373m, par 4

The tee shot on this scenic 341m (373 yard) par 4 needs to avoid the pine trees down the left and fairway bunkers to the right. Split them and position your approach from 119-137m (130-150 yards) out. Take a break here to soak in the views of the UNESCO mountains in the distance. The approach shot is downhill to a receptive green, so don’t be afraid to fly your mid-iron in and use the slope to hold the putting surface. Two solid shots earn a good look at birdie here.

Hole 9 – 184m, par 3

A beautiful little par 3 of 168m (184 yards) requiring a forced carry over water. Bail too far left and the slope funnels your ball into trouble, so target the right third of the green. A handful of bunkers surround the putting surface, so precision with a long iron or hybrid is key. The green slopes gently from right to left, so try to keep your approach below the day’s pin placement. The water makes this a tough hole, so walk off with par if you can.

Hole 10 – 432m, par 4

Get ready for the signature hole! This 395m (432 yard) dogleg right par 4 provides options off the tee but requires precision on approach. Challenge the fairway bunkers directly at 274m (300 yards) for the ideal angle of attack, or layup short left with an iron. From 137m (150 yards) out, navigate the cross bunkers with a mid to short iron to hit the green in regulation. The putting surface is protected by water right, a bunker left, and out-of-bounds long, so commitment to your line is key. Keep your approach below the flag and two putt for par on this scenic hole.

Hole 11 – 508m, par 5

A great risk-reward par 5 of 465m (508 yards). Challenge the fairway bunkers at 256m (280 yards) for maximum yardage on your second. But avoid pulling it left into the lake! From 210-229m (230-250 yards) out, make your choice – lay up to 92m (100 yards) short of the green or be aggressive to this fronted putting surface. Beware the left water all the way into the green. If laying up, wedge your third close and try to convert for birdie. But there is plenty of trouble here, so walk away with par if you can.

Hole 12 – 209m, par 3

A brute of a par 3 at 191m (209 yards), especially into the prevailing wind. A left greenside lake means avoiding the left side, but the right portion feeds shots towards the centre. Aim your tee shot towards the right half and let the slope help you out. The green pitches right to left, making putting difficult when above the hole. Keep your tee shot in play and hope for a two-putt par.

Hole 13 – 371m, par 4

The fairway is wide open on this 339m (371 yard) par 4, but bunkers encroach at 300 yards, so play to the 251-265 (275-290 yard) mark. This leaves a short iron into a large green protected left, right and front by more sand. Commit to your line and fly your approach onto the putting surface which will hold shots that land soft. The easy start quickly gets tough, so make sure you take advantage early.

Hole 14 – 334m, par 4

A simple 305m (334 yard) par 4 to finish the opening nine. Avoid the lone fairway bunker down the left side off the tee. From the short grass, play your approach to the upper right level of a two-tiered green. The right greenside bunker gobbles up shots that leak too far right. And long or left results in a difficult up and down. So dial in your short iron here and hit the green’s proper shelf to avoid a challenging par save.

Hole 15 – 154m, par 3

Just a wedge par 3 but plenty of trouble surrounds the green. With bunkers left and long, the smart play is toward the right half of the green allowing the slope to feed the ball towards the hole. However, too far right and long results in a difficult chip. Pick your line and commit with a short iron, avoiding the sand. Expect a slippery, downhill putt if you hit the green. Get out of here with a 3.

Hole 16 – 347m, par 4

A strong opening drive is required on this challenging 317m (347 yard) par 4. Avoid the tree-lined left and fairway bunker right with a 219-238m (240-260 yard) tee shot. That leaves a short iron in, but the large two-tiered green demands precision. Left and right bunkers frame the front, and long is trouble. Pick the proper tier for the day’s pin position and fly your approach onto the green with a mid-iron. From below the hole, lag up for a solid par 4.

Hole 17 – 375m, par 4

A stout 243m (375 yard) par 4 to finish your round. Move left off the tee to open up the ideal approach angle. A fairway bunker on the left requires 250m+ (275+ yards) to challenge. From 119m (130 yards) out, fire mid-iron into a narrow, elevated green. Sand surrounds the putting surface, so commit to your line and swing smoothly. The green slopes back to front, so approaches from below the hole are preferred. Finish strong here and head to the 19th hole with momentum.

Hole 18 – 510m, par 5

As majestic a finishing hole as you’ll find. 509m (557 yards) if you play the tips, with trouble everywhere. Your drive must carry 238m (260 yards) over a left fairway bunker to open up the ideal line into this left-bending hole. From 210m (230 yards) out on your second, either lay up short of the cross bunker or go for broke over the water encroaching on the right. If going for it, challenge the right greenside bunkers and allow the slope to feed you toward the centre. Two good swings and you’re on in three with wedge in hand. Not your typical resort course par 5 – so soak it in!

Hole Distance, Par & Handicap

HoleDistance (m)ParHandicap

Customer Service and Staff

Most visitors applaud the service staff at T-Golf Calvia for their friendliness and helpfulness.

The pro shop staff provide excellent service custom-fitting and advising on equipment. The clubhouse servers are prompt and courteous with food and beverage orders.

While green fee players note they sometimes feel like second-class citizens compared to members, especially during busy times, the staff is generally regarded as polite, professional, and attentive.

There are some complaints about slow beverage cart service on the course and marshal impatience with the pace of play. However, the consensus seems to be that overall customer service meets expectations for a high-end golf club.

Value for Money

At around 200 Euros including cart fees in high season, T-Golf Calvia sits at the upper end of the price spectrum on Mallorca. Some visitors feel it doesn’t quite provide the level of exclusivity and luxury of other top European clubs given the rates.

However, most agree that the beautiful setting and immaculate course conditions combined with outstanding amenities make T-Golf Calvia well worth the price. While not cheap, value is enhanced by avoiding the crowds and slow rounds found at other Mallorca courses during peak season.

For visitors craving high-quality golf in an idyllic setting, T-Golf Calvia delivers excellent value given the total experience.


With its picturesque location, classic layout, outstanding conditions, and excellent amenities, T-Golf Calvia exemplifies Mediterranean golf at its finest.

The renovated course retains architect John Harris’ original vision while providing a modern golf experience. Players seeking to escape the crowds and soak in Mallorca’s natural beauty will find T-Golf Calvia well worth the green fee.

The captivating scenery, diverse holes, and first-class services create an unforgettable round. For both resort golfers and seasoned veterans, a round at T-Golf Calvia is a must on any Mallorca golf trip.

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