Sant Ponsa II

In the pine forests of Mallorca lies the Santa Ponsa 2 golf club, an exclusive and challenging 18-hole, par 72 course opened in 1991.

Designed by José Gancedo, this picturesque course offers variety and aesthetic beauty alongside a test of strategy and skill. Though reserved solely for members, Santa Ponsa 2 has hosted major tournaments like the Balearic Open, attracting famous golfers over the years.

With thoughtful amenities, exotic holes, and meticulous grooming, a round at Santa Ponsa 2 is a refined experience for seasoned players.

Course Overview

Santa Ponsa 2 spans 6,053 meters through woodlands and lakes. The front 9 holes wind through pine trees while the back 9 feature more open, water-laden holes with scenic bridges.

The course culminates in the famous 18th hole, a par 3 with an island green shaped like Mallorca itself. Santa Ponsa 2 also includes a 350-meter driving range, practice putting green, and a chipping area to sharpen your skills.

The elegant yet challenging layout rewards strategy and consistent shot-making. With forest and water hazards to navigate, Santa Ponsa 2 tests but does not overwhelm golfers. The course conditions promote peak performance for members and tournament players alike.

Amenities and Facilities

Golf Cart Majorca 2

In addition to the driving range and practice facilities, Santa Ponsa 2 features a full-service pro shop stocked with equipment and apparel. Golf carts, caddies, club rental, and more are available to make play more enjoyable.

The clubhouse offers a restaurant and bar for refreshments before or after your round. Showers and locker rooms allow golfers to clean up comfortably.

Santa Ponsa 2 provides everything a golfer needs for an upscale experience from start to finish. The amenities complement the course’s beauty and challenge.

Course Layout and Design

Architect José Gancedo crafted a layout balanced between wooded and open holes. Pine trees frame fairways for the first 9 holes, demanding accuracy off the tee.

The back 9 present a change of scenery with water hazards and bridges involved on several holes. The two diverse nines mesh cohesively. Lengthy par 4s and tricky par 3s require golfers to use all their clubs. Variety in hole lengths and directions adds intrigue.

The routing navigates the terrain’s slopes and undulations smoothly. Hidden dangers sneak into play on several holes if you are not careful. The signature 18th hole epitomizes Santa Ponsa 2’s ingenuity. The mid-length par 3 green itself is shaped like Mallorca, surrounded by water.

Santa Ponsa 2’s layout blends beauty and strategy.

Playing Experience

Playing Santa Ponsa 2 is an experience both visually and mentally stimulating. The pine trees and water hazards frame picturesque holes yet complicate play.

Conservative tee shots on the front 9 avoid tangled forest trouble. Longer holes open up on the back 9, allowing aggressive players to open their shoulders. However, the water and greenside bunkers require precision as well.

Scoring well at Santa Ponsa 2 requires mixing conservative and aggressive play wisely. The course conditions promote good contact on well-struck shots. The greens roll smoothly yet contain subtle undulations that test reads and touch.

Santa Ponsa 2 holds enjoyment for golfers at every skill level while properly rewarding shotmaking skill. The exclusivity adds a sense of honour to the round. Playing here feels like a privilege earned through one’s golfing journey.

Conditions and Maintenance

Golf Green Majorca 1

Santa Ponsa 2 invests significant resources into keeping the course manicured and playable year-round. The fairways and greens are maintained at an exceptional level – closely mowed yet smooth and consistent throughout.

Bunkers are neatly raked free of footprints. Yardage markers and tee boxes always appear freshly groomed.

Water hazards and graceful landscaping enhance the ambience hole after hole. The thoughtful conditioning allows the course strategy and scenery to take centre stage.

Players can focus on navigating the design rather than fighting with imperfect conditions. Santa Ponsa 2’s care and maintenance make it a joy to play for members each day.

Scenery and Atmosphere

The pine forests and lakes provide a beautiful, exotic setting unique to Santa Ponsa 2. Each hole carries its own personality and charm.

The course shifts smoothly between wooded holes and open water-lined holes. Golfers feel immersed within the lush Mallorcan environment.

Lakes reflect the blue island sky while vibrant flowers and plants adorn the landscape. The peaceful surroundings enrich the playing experience.

Santa Ponsa 2 carries a refined yet relaxed atmosphere befitting the exclusivity. Golfers encounter more tranquillity and space to find their flow. The scenery, sounds, and smells infuse every shot with memories and meanings unique to Mallorca.

Local Knowledge and Tips

Santa Ponsa 2 rewards thoughtful course management and strategic thinking. The narrow pine tree-lined holes mandate precision off the tee – keeping drivers and long irons sheathed on tight driving holes allows golfers to avoid big numbers.

On wider holes, aggressive drives over hazards set up scoring chances. Correct yardages are key on approach shots to avoid bunkers and water.

The smooth-rolling greens require touch and nuance putting rather than force. Patience and discipline pay dividends at Santa Ponsa 2. Embracing the local style leads to success.

Hole Distance, Par & Handicap

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Customer Service and Staff

The exclusive nature of Santa Ponsa 2 ensures exceptional and personalized customer service. Staff greet members warmly by name and work diligently to accommodate special requests.

Guests feel welcomed and cared for throughout their time onsite. The pro shop staff offer tips and suggestions tailored to golfers’ skills and goals.

Caddies provide local knowledge on the course’s quirks and pin locations. The clubhouse team provides five-star food and beverage service.

Santa Ponsa 2’s staff enhance the experience through thoughtful attention and expertise. Their devoted service matches the club’s luxurious feel.

Value for Money

While quite exclusive, Santa Ponsa 2 provides excellent value for members given the amenities, service, and superb course conditions.

The club upholds consistently high standards day after day. Members enjoy the facilities fully with access to practice areas, equipment, staff expertise, and more. Guests receive a taste of the signature experience through tournaments and special events.

Golfers seeking an exclusive, refined club in Mallorca will feel their membership dues well rewarded at Santa Ponsa 2. The value aligns with the club’s luxury class.


Santa Ponsa 2 stands as one of Mallorca’s most refined golf experiences, blending beauty, strategy, amenities, and service seamlessly.

The exclusive club upholds the traditions of the game with reverence while innovating playfully on a superb course. Its amenities serve golfers with care from the first tee onward.

Though reserved for members, Santa Ponsa 2’s reputation for excellence attracts elite golfers for events and lasting memories. This hidden Mallorcan treasure shines as a true golfing gem.


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