Beach Flags used in Majorca

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The beaches in Majorca have a flag system to inform swimmers and visitors of the regulations and facilities available.

These beach flags can be changed during the day and they can be different throughout the length of the beach.

They indicate the safety for swimming, as well as areas where swimming is not allowed as they are reserved for water sports.

Safety Flags

  • Green Flag – swimming is safe in the area, keep children under adult supervision.
  • Yellow Flag – swimming is allowed under precaution. No swimming past your waist depth. The use of lilos is forbidden. If the sea is calm keep an eye for jellyfish.
  • Red Flag – Swimming is not allowed. It can be due to sea conditions, change of currents or other dangers (i.e. jellyfish).
  • Orange Flag or no Flag – Lifeguard off duty. Swim at your own risk, beware of currents and other risks.
  • Blue and Red Flag – Between these flags, swimming is not allowed. This area is for water sports use, such as surfing, kayaking, Skidoos,… Note: sometimes this area is demarcated by buoys in the water instead of flags at the coast.
  • White flag with 2 blue jellyfish on – jellyfish have been spotted in the area.
Majorca beach flags

Other Flags

There are two other flags that can be found on Majorca’s beaches: the Blue Flag and the Red Cross Flag.

  • Blue Flag – is a voluntary eco-label (there are over 3000 beaches and marinas over the world) flag that is awarded by an independent non-profit organisation to beaches that comply with 27 specific criteria. The criteria are related to water quality, environmental education/information, environmental management, safety and services on the beach. The award must be renewed annually and is reviewed throughout the season.
  • Red Cross Flag – Indicates First Aid and Emergency Health resources. They can deal with minor injuries (i.e. jellyfish stings and other first-aid assistance), as well as contact emergency services if necessary.
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Beach Flags used in Majorca
A guide to the various beach flags used on the beaches of Majorca to indicate bathing safety and on site facilities.
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