Playa des Coll Baix

Tucked away within the stunning cliffs and pine forests of northern Majorca is one of the island’s top hidden gems – the remote Playa des Coll Baix.

Situated just about 8km from the popular holiday resort of Alcudia, this secluded beach paradise takes some real dedication to reach but blimey, the natural beauty you’ll find there is second to none.

Getting to Coll Baix is an adventure in itself these days, promising a peaceful escape from the jam-packed tourist traps lining Majorca’s coastline.

Making the Trek

Reaching Coll Baix requires navigating a maze of backroads and trails winding through the countryside. Dedicated beachgoers willing to forego an easy route are treated to vistas of wooded hillsides and coastal views emerging between pine trees along the way.

While the early portion of the drive covers pavement, the last few kilometres switch to dirt and gravel as houses give way to forests.

The road ends abruptly in a small open area, now serving as an impromptu carpark. This heralds the start of the adventurous final leg on foot.

Most visitors describe the hike as manageable for those in reasonable shape but cautioned that proper footwear is essential. The path ascends steeply into the hills, with tree roots and loose rocks posing tripping hazards.

Several travellers recounted reaching for low-hanging pine branches to steady themselves during the half-hour trek.

Emerging from the shady canopy reveals a rocky outcropping used as a vantage point by past visitors judging by initials carved into the stone. The blue waters of Coll Baix are visible in the distance, but the route descends even further across the coastal cliffs.

Getting to the beach itself requires scrambling down slippery boulders, which a few daring tourists noted made them uneasy with small children in tow.

However, most persevere, using caution to navigate the last tricky stretch before being rewarded by stepping onto the secluded beach.

Paradise Found: Natural Wonders

Despite sleepy beginnings, this hidden gem transforms as mid-morning approaches with the arrival of tourist boats and kayakers attracted by its alluring reputation.

Still, a blissful quiet reigns compared to busier resort beaches on the island. Visitors to Playa des Coll Baix often speak reverently of the unspoiled landscape with wildlife sightings adding to the remote atmosphere.

Sandy Shores

Coll Baix offers over 200 meters of shoreline, featuring small grey pebbles that give way to fine beige sand.

While lacking the billowy dunes of Majorca’s main beaches, the hard-won tranquillity more than compensates.

The unusual surface retains heat well into the afternoon, making early arrival ideal for settling into a choice lounging spot.

Crystal Blue Waters

Playa des Coll Baix Water

Nestled within a protective bay, the beach enjoys tranquil turquoise waters perfect for swimming and paddling. Snorkelers and scuba divers rave about the excellent visibility just offshore, thanks to minimal disturbance of the sandy bottom.

Schools of fish are frequently spotted gliding through the shallows, flashing bright colours that complement the shifting sea hues.

During breezy weather, 1-2 foot (0.5m) swells stir up the surf along the southern end where the rocky headland meets the open Mediterranean. But overall the sheltered cove provides mostly calm conditions several feet from the water’s edge.

Kayakers and stand-up paddleboarders (SUP) take advantage on days with a light chop, easily accessing fishing villages and neighbouring beaches.

Paradise Preserved

Playa des Coll Baix Goat

Beyond the gift of splendid scenery, Coll Baix remains alluring due to its lack of development. The wilderness atmosphere is sustained thanks to preservation efforts to maintain the natural landscape.

As part of the Natura 2000 Network comprising protected coastal zones, no restaurants, hotels or major infrastructure mar the pristine backdrop. A lone stone hut tucked up on the hillside provides the sole manmade structure in sight.

This hands-off approach delights visitors while allowing wildlife to thrive. A small herd of goats often roams the shoreline at will, mingling playfully with astonished tourists.

Numerous hikers also report spotting vibrant green lizards sunning themselves on the large rocks bordering the beach. While seeming remarkably comfortable around people, experts advise keeping your distance and resisting the urge to feed these docile creatures.

Sightings of falcons and shorebirds circling the cliffs serve as reminders this humble cove remains part of their untamed world.

Activities for All Interests

For all its isolated ambience, Coll Baix offers plenty of recreation to fill a day or just an afternoon.

Unstructured time allows recharging in nature but those craving more action have options to stay occupied.

Water Sports

Paddleboarding, snorkelling and diving draw enthusiasts wishing to explore the crystalline waters. Calm conditions create the perfect introductory playground for novices wanting to try stand-up paddling.

Strong swimmers strike out from shore to circle the entire bay. More leisurely types wade while carrying inflatables out past the gentle breakers.

Beachcombers or rock hounds wander the shore searching for interesting shells and smoothed glass pebbles. Those favouring elevated views over immersion climb up the bordering hillsides using the maze of walking trails.

Relaxation & Solitude

Yet despite the options for activity, most travellers highlight the joy of simply sitting undisturbed and surrounded by raw natural beauty. The lack of music and motor noise promotes restorative tranquillity difficult to find at Majorca’s popular resorts.

Without crowds or development impeding the views, visitors speak of how the dramatic cliffs seem to safeguard this hideaway.

Whether swimming, sunbathing or curling up with books, most visitors value the privacy offered.

Outside of mid-morning when tourist boats anchored offshore, few other people crossed your path allowing true escape.

It’s easy to miscalculate the length of stay, however, getting overtaken by darkness from the cliffs before making the moderate hike back. But after watching the sunset fade to twilight, even the long walk through the forest ended up magical.

Staying Power: Facilities to Know About

The remote atmosphere means planning ahead is key – this paradise provides little infrastructure once you arrive. But devotees accept the tradeoff, skipping over commercialised beaches for Coll Baix’s unsullied peace.

Being self-sufficient and carrying supplies is essential to fully embrace the spirit of discovery.


A clearing surrounded by pines demarks the trailhead, which is also the best place to leave non-essentials. Vehicles with higher clearance handle the bumpy dirt road better on the drive-in.

Even small cars managed fine by driving cautiously until reaching the makeshift lot.


No constructed facilities exist, so utilising toilets at restaurants or hotels in Alcudia beforehand is wise. Once on the trail, nature’s abundance provides plenty of discreet places to find privacy.

Food and Drink

With no shops or cafes available, packing snacks and water is a necessity. Coolers kept in vehicles stay cold for after-beach refreshments later on.

Tour companies offer the sole opportunity to purchase drinks aboard boats but only serve customers during short excursion stops.

Secure Storage

Leaving extra gear or bags in your locked car remains the simplest option. Travellers carrying valuables can also inquire with tour boat crews about stowing items there during swims for a small fee. Just ensure to keep keys or cash in waterproof bags when plunging into the sea.


While Coll Baix lacks lifeguards, emergency response units and boats can access the beach if needed. Let someone know your plans for the day as phone service is often unreliable off main roads.

Solo travellers should be especially cautious if attempting any risky climbing routes along the steep cliffs and inform others when to expect your return.

Final Words

For devoted beach lovers, the tranquillity and stunning beauty at Coll Baix eclipse any inconvenience from travelling sans amenities. Seasoned adventurers in particular will thrive, fully embracing the chance to wander the shoreline usually admired from afar.

What Coll Baix may lack in modern comforts, it makes up for with spades of soul-stirring scenery and serenity. After just one outing, many find themselves plotting the next opportunity to return upon discovering this unexpected treasure.


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