Torrent de Pareis Majorca Guide

To get to the Torrent de Pareis, make your way north towards Inca, follow the road for Selva and then on to Caimari. After a while, you will then start to see the signs for Sa Calobra.

The road, with its hairpin bends and classic views, takes you ever downwards to your ultimate destination.

There is a café halfway down this ‘rollercoaster’ of a road, and I always take a break here!

Once at the bottom, you will come to the car parking facilities – it is one of the relatively few places on the island where you have to pay, however, the cost is quite modest compared to British standards!

Once parked, the rest of the journey down to the base of Torrent de Pareis is on foot until you find you are faced with a choice of which way to go – go to your right here.

Walking To The Torrent

Once you have passed by the various bars and shops (tastefully incorporated into the landscape), you think that the way is coming to an end – don’t be fooled by this!

Carry on walking and you will see a tunnel cut through the rock, this tunnel gives way to yet another, which in turn will lead you to the Torrent de Pareis.

Both of these tunnels are lit by electric lights and in the season can get quite crowded.

There are ‘windows’ in the tunnels which give views of the bay which lies at the end of the Torrent.

Once out into the open again, you will find a dramatic vista of rock cliffs and a cathedral-like space where the Torrent de Pareis meets the sea.

A word of warning, however, don’t proceed any further if a lot of rain threatens, as the gentle stream that flows in the valley bottom can become just what it is called – a torrent – in a very short time.

People have been killed venturing up the torrent whilst or shortly after it has been raining!

Most days though you will be able to walk inland on the pebbles up the striking valley of the Torrent de Pareis, crossing the stream(or even paddling in its cool water) until you can go no further.

On the return trip, you will turn a corner and take in the dramatic scenery where the stream meets the sea.

It is a breathtaking sight and, as a matter of interest, it is the second-largest ravine in the Med!

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