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Palma Airport Guide & Flight Information

If you’ve never flown into Majorca’s Palma airport before, you may find the size of the place quite breathtaking.

From its very humble beginnings in the early days of the package (or to quote it’s official title ‘inclusive’) tour, the airport at Palma has been in an almost constant state of expansion.

Terminal Building

Unlike many UK airports which have two or more terminal buildings, Palma airport for all its size only has one!

Once off the aircraft, you may have to walk a fair distance to be reunited with your luggage.

This is especially true for most UK flights, as they arrive at a new part of the building on the other side of the airport.

It is at least a 10 to 15 minute hike to the luggage reclaim hall.

The long walk does have an upside though, there are plenty of moving walkways and you pass by many of the bars, food outlets and shops which you can remember when you are waiting for your return flight.

Palma airport may be a daunting size, but the facilities on offer are excellent. I have always found the workings of the airport efficient and the staff friendly.

Passport Control

The EU Schengen Agreement allows travellers from one EU member state to pass through other members borders without passport restrictions.

As the UK does not participate in the Schengen Agreement, all UK flight arrivals to Palma airport are now received at a separate gate to the likes of Germany, France, Belgium, etc.

The gates used by UK flights still have passport control posts, so make sure you have your passport ready when arriving or leaving Majorca!

Unfortunately, the queues can get quite long, as there seems to be a much more thorough check performed on passports than was done previous to the Shengen agreement coming into force in Spain.

At the time of writing, gate D was being used for flights from the UK to Palma airport.

Palma Airport Arrival and Departure Information

You can get up to the minute flight departures and arrivals to Palma airport below:

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