Majorca Cycling Route 15 from Soller to Cuber and Back Through the Mountain paths

A circular route that requires a mountain bike and certain expertise to enjoy the beautiful mountain views.

Duration: 5.5 hours
Distance: 28 KM
Difficulty: hard
Circular route: yes

Start the route from Soller centre taking the road towards Biniaraix and Fornalutx, to continue towards the Reservoir of Cúber through the main road.

The water in the Cúber Reservoir may be quite low during the summer month which allows for some offroad fun along the dry banks.

Along the Cuber reservoir, you’ll also find brick built BBQ pits nestled amounts the pine trees that can be used to cook food on.

You’ll need to bring your own grill or some sort of stand to place pots on though.

However, please be aware that it is illegal to use them in the summer months & they will have notification tape around them indicating so.

This is due to the high risk of forest fires at during the summer.

Once at Cuber take the mountain paths, which are well indicated, towards the Puig de l’Ofre at 870 metres height and then continue back down towards Soller through the Barranc of Biniaraix.

It’s worth noting that the government-owned Cuber Refuge / Shelter is available for overnight stays, but you must book prior to arrival. Further information on bookings & open times can be found on their website.

Please bear in mind that this route is considered to be quite difficult, as the climb from Soller up the mountains is steep & continues for many KMs.

This is certainly not a route for beginners or anybody looking for a casual bike ride!

You’ll often see cyclists taking a break at the entrance to the entrance to the Puig de Massanella tunnel, where there are wonderful views of the valley down towards Soller & the sea.

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Majorca Cycling Route 15 from Soller to Cuber and Back Through the Mountain paths
Details of the Majorca Cycling Route 15 from Soller to Cuber, returning back through the mountain paths. Includes route map and photos.
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