Son Servera Almond Blossom Festival

Every February, the picturesque town of Son Servera in northeast Mallorca plays host to a delightful event celebrating the island’s world-famous almond blossom season.

Known as the Fira de la Flor d’Ametller, or Almond Blossom Fair, this popular country fair allows visitors to immerse themselves in local artisanal products, folk music and dance, and the delicate beauty of Mallorca’s flowering almond trees.

For one Sunday in early February, the grounds of the 18th-century Ca S’Hereu estate transform into a vibrant artisan market, with local farmers and traders selling a tempting array of almond-based goods.

From sweet almond cakes to nourishing almond oils and skincare, the Fira de la Flor d’Ametller offers a tantalising taste of Mallorca’s rich agricultural heritage. Beyond the market stalls, fairgoers can also marvel at displays of traditional almond harvesting tools, as well as enjoy rousing performances by folk musicians and dancers dressed in traditional Mallorquin attire.

The timing of the fair aligns perfectly with Mallorca’s vibrant almond blossom season when over five million almond trees across the island erupt in delicate pink and white blooms.

The scenic Ca S’Hereu estate provides a charming backdrop for the festivities, with its sprawling gardens awash in the sweet floral scent of almond blossom. For visitors seeking an authentic taste of rural Mallorquin life, the Almond Blossom Fair is an unmissable highlight.

Dates and Location

Dates: First Sunday in February (4 Feb 2024)
Location: Ca S’Hereu Estate, Son Servera, Mallorca

The Almond Blossom Fair takes place annually on the first Sunday in February, from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. The venue is the beautiful Ca S’Hereu estate on the outskirts of Son Servera, northeast Mallorca, which provides a scenic setting amongst almond groves and private gardens.


The Fira de la Flor d’Ametller offers visitors the perfect opportunity to celebrate the arrival of Mallorca’s spring almond blossom season. For one special Sunday, the grounds of the aristocratic Ca S’Hereu country estate transform into a lively fair brimming with local artisanal products, traditional music and dance performances, and vibrant floral displays.

The centrepiece of the fair is the bustling artisan market, where local growers and producers sell a mouthwatering variety of almond goods and other speciality products.

Browse stalls piled high with almond liqueurs, sweet almond cakes, nourishing almond oils and skincare ranges, and delicate floral arrangements made from almond blossom.

Beyond the market stalls, fairgoers can wander through agricultural displays spotlighting Mallorca’s rich almond-growing heritage. See demonstrations of how almonds have been harvested for generations using antique farming equipment.

Performances of traditional Mallorquin folk music and dance, with musicians and dancers, decked out in brightly coloured traditional costumes, further underline the deep roots of the island’s agricultural traditions.

The fair’s charming setting amidst the Ca S’Hereu estate’s private gardens and almond groves heightens the experience. Visitors can stroll blissfully amidst clouds of delicate pink and white blossoms blanketing the estate’s grounds.

The sweet, nutty scent of fresh almond blossom permeates the atmosphere, signalling the official start of spring in Mallorca.


  1. Artisanal Almond Products
    The star attractions of the fair are the rows of market stalls laden with lovingly-made artisanal goodies using Mallorca’s finest almonds. Sink your teeth into crumbly sweet almond biscuits, sample a smooth almond liqueur, or treat yourself to a rejuvenating almond blossom-infused hand cream. From sweet treats to aromatic soaps and candles, the almond product stalls offer a treasure trove of edible and gift-worthy discoveries. Don’t leave without a bagful of goodies!
  2. Agricultural Displays
    Beyond the market stands, step back in time with displays of antique farming equipment still used to harvest almonds to this day. See demonstrations of how equipment like the garbelladora, a large mesh sieve, are used to sift and separate almonds from their outer husks. Mallorca’s isolated rural regions have preserved generations-old agricultural practices that the Almond Blossom Fair proudly spotlights.

Must-Try Experiences

No visit to the Almond Blossom Fair is complete without the following quintessential experiences:

  • Sample the Flor d’Ametlla, a sweet Mallorquin liqueur flavoured from the aromatic almond blossom. Best served chilled as an aperitif.
  • Indulge in crunchy Turrón, a nougat confectionery made from honey and nuts that is a cherished speciality in Mallorca.
  • Catch a performance by one of the roving bands of folk musicians in traditional dress.
  • Wander the gardens of the Ca S’Hereu estate and revel in the heavenly scent of the flowering almond trees all around.
  • Pick up a fragrant almond blossom-scented soap or candle crafted by local artisans using natural ingredients.

Shopping Opportunities

The Almond Blossom Fair tempts visitors with row upon row of artisanal products all created using Mallorca’s exceptional almonds.

Foodies will delight at the mountains of sweet almond biscuits, crumbly Turrón nougat bars, pots of vitamin-rich almond skin creams and oils, and gift-worthy almond soaps and candles.

Beyond the edible treats and skincare, the fair also offers some special non-food items for sale. Pick up a sachet of dried almond blossoms, either as an aromatic decoration or for use as a soothing herbal tea.

Painted ceramic tiles and natural almond wood crafts also make classic Mallorquin souvenirs. Be sure to leave extra room in your luggage!

Tips for Visitors

Getting There:

The fair takes place at the Ca S’Hereu estate, Camí de n’Hereu, just northeast of Son Servera. Public buses run a special shuttle route from Son Servera town centre on fair day. Limited parking is available at the venue for those driving.

Visitors planning an extended blossom-viewing trip on Mallorca can stay at 4-star hotel Iberostar Cala Millor, a 10 minute drive from Son Servera.

Local Etiquette:
As a relaxed country fair, the event has a family-friendly atmosphere. Form queues patiently at crowded stalls and mind your footing on uneven garden grounds.

Additional Information:
Entry is free to all. Fair opening hours run 9:30 am to 2:00 pm.


For visitors and locals alike, the Almond Blossom Fair encapsulates the inherent beauty and rich traditions of rural Mallorca. Time your trip with this iconic island event for an unforgettable day immersed in spring blossom magic, homespun arts and crafts, and the lush landscapes of the Mallorquin countryside. A feast for the stomach and for the senses, the sights, scents and flavours come together gloriously.


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