Majorca Weather October

On average, the October weather in Mallorca is the wettest month of the year.

In terms of daily sunshine, it’s the 4th least sunny month of the year.

October is the 7th coldest month of the year.

Majorca Temperature October

The average temperature for October is:

High: 24 °C (75 °F)
Low: 17 °C (62 °F)
Average: 18 °C (64 °F)

Majorca Rainfall October

The average rainfall for October is:

69 mm
7 days

Majorca Sunshine October

The average sunshine for October is:

8 hours

Majorca Sea Temperature October

The average sea temperature for October is:

22 °C (72 °F)

Majorca Weather October 2023

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3026.4822
Avg Temperature25.0421.6717.21
Min Temperature2416.9411

Majorca Weather October 2022

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3127.3525
Avg Temperature23.1321.1618.63
Min Temperature1915.912

Majorca Weather October 2021

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2824.0621
Avg Temperature23.7218.8615.33
Min Temperature2113.488

Majorca Weather October 2020

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2823.1918
Avg Temperature22.6917.9213.54
Min Temperature20126

Majorca Weather October 2015

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2923.2619
Avg Temperature24.4418.6114.13
Min Temperature2113.848

Majorca Weather October 2010

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2822.3516
Avg Temperature23.517.5912.54
Min Temperature2112.030

Majorca Weather October 2005

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2623.1919
Avg Temperature21.4218.8816
Min Temperature1914.5810

Majorca Weather October 1999

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3224.3219
Avg Temperature22.0319.6816.1
Min Temperature2014.10


Is Majorca hot in October?

Majorca is hot in October. The average daily temperature is 20°C.

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