Majorca Weather January

On average, the January weather in Mallorca is the 5th wettest month of the year.

In terms of daily sunshine, it’s the joint 2nd least sunny month of the year, along with November.

January & February are the coldest months of the year.

Majorca Temperature January

The average temperature for January is:

High: 15 °C (60 °F)
Low: 8 °C (47 °F)
Average: 10 °C (50 °F)

Majorca Rainfall January

The average rainfall for January is:

43 mm
6 days

Majorca Sunshine January

The average sunshine for January is:

7 hours

Majorca Sea Temperature January

The average sea temperature for January is:

15 °C (59 °F)

Majorca Weather January 2023

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2215.589
Avg Temperature17.4210.215.08
Min Temperature154.770

Majorca Weather January 2022

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature201512
Avg Temperature14.888.75.31
Min Temperature123.23-2

Majorca Weather January 2021

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2114.659
Avg Temperature15.3310.244.17
Min Temperature125.42-2

Majorca Weather January 2020

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2016.3913
Avg Temperature15.1511.126.92
Min Temperature136.160

Majorca Weather January 2015

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2015.0611
Avg Temperature14.59.336.15
Min Temperature103.9-1

Majorca Weather January 2010

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature1613.777
Avg Temperature13.1910.085.18
Min Temperature125.77-1

Majorca Weather January 2005

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature1814.235
Avg Temperature14.198.281.86
Min Temperature92.35-4

Majorca Weather January 1999

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature1914.847
Avg Temperature13.089.44.58
Min Temperature84-1


Is Majorca hot in January?

Majorca is not hot in January. The average daily temperature is 11°C.

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