Majorca Weather August

On average, the August weather in Mallorca is the 3rd least wet month of the year.

In terms of daily sunshine, it’s the joint 2nd most sunny month of the year, along with June.

August is the hottest month of the year.

Majorca Temperature August

The average temperature for August is:

High: 30 °C (86 °F)
Low: 23 °C (73 °F)
Average: 25 °C (76 °F)

Majorca Rainfall August

The average rainfall for August is:

22 mm
2 days

Majorca Sunshine August

The average sunshine for August is:

12 hours

Majorca Sea Temperature August

The average sea temperature for August is:

26 °C (79 °F)

Majorca Weather August 2023

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3932.0627
Avg Temperature29.9827.0622.47
Min Temperature2521.4817

Majorca Weather August 2022

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature4033.6130
Avg Temperature33.5628.2625.83
Min Temperature2622.1919

Majorca Weather August 2021

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3931.9428
Avg Temperature30.5626.8123.81
Min Temperature2621.919

Majorca Weather August 2020

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3731.4827
Avg Temperature28.926.5621.77
Min Temperature252117

Majorca Weather August 2015

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3531.3524
Avg Temperature28.8426.1921.46
Min Temperature2520.916

Majorca Weather August 2010

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3329.4826
Avg Temperature27.0824.7622.1
Min Temperature2319.4815

Majorca Weather August 2005

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3530.6526
Avg Temperature28.1325.4921.69
Min Temperature2519.3915

Majorca Weather August 1999

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3931.7729
Avg Temperature30.2226.5724.72
Min Temperature2619.580


Is Majorca hot in August?

Majorca is hot in August. The average temperature is 26°C.

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