Majorca Weather April

On average, the April weather in Mallorca is the 6th wettest month of the year.

In terms of daily sunshine, it’s the joint 8th least sunny month of the year, along with September.

April & November are the joint 6th coldest months of the year.

Majorca Temperature April

The average temperature for April is:

High: 19 °C (67 °F)
Low: 12 °C (53 °F)
Average: 14 °C (56 °F)

Majorca Rainfall April

The average rainfall for April is:

39 mm
5 days

Majorca Sunshine April

The average sunshine for April is:

10 hours

Majorca Sea Temperature April

The average sea temperature for April is:

16 °C (61 °F)

Majorca Weather April 2023

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature3121.5718
Avg Temperature21.7315.9111.76
Min Temperature179.233

Majorca Weather April 2022

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2619.911
Avg Temperature18.8814.917.42
Min Temperature149.62

Majorca Weather April 2021

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2419.212
Avg Temperature18.4214.479.29
Min Temperature169.231

Majorca Weather April 2020

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2621.118
Avg Temperature19.9616.4812.13
Min Temperature1811.675

Majorca Weather April 2015

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2520.6716
Avg Temperature18.114.9710.38
Min Temperature158.770

Majorca Weather April 2010

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2519.0715
Avg Temperature18.2914.1111.1
Min Temperature128.84

Majorca Weather April 2005

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2720.6315
Avg Temperature1814.899.56
Min Temperature148.672

Majorca Weather April 1999

Temperature (°C)MaxAverageMin
Max Temperature2419.9315
Avg Temperature16.7514.1510.61
Min Temperature146.630


Is Majorca hot in April?

Majorca is not hot in April. The average temperature is 15°C.

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