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Dare You Try a Frito Mallorquin?

A traditional dish on the Island is a Frito Mallorquin which is a very rich recipe including (if you are squeamish look away now!) pork liver, lung and sometimes heart.

It is a one-pot dish that includes peas, onion and potato and can be found in several supermarkets either in its’ raw state or ready prepared for heating – we think the ready prepared is best.

The one pictured above can be purchased at most Eroskis or Mercadona for example and are found in the chilled food cabinet.

The pack is most convenient as it can be microwaved, but removing it from the pack and frying or oven cooking is also possible.

As indicated earlier, the dish is very filling and for a ‘first try’ would best be shared between two people.

No accompaniment is needed save for some fresh crusty bread to make the most of the juices if desired.

Give it a go – and by the way – if you have ever eaten Haggis, then you have already had the components of a Frito Mallorquin!

Dare You Try a Frito Mallorquin?
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Dare You Try a Frito Mallorquin?
Have you ever heard of frit mallorquin? It's one of Mallorca's most famous dishes!
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