Motorbike or Scooter Hire in Majorca

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Many people will hire a motorbike when travelling to Majorca and based on such, we have put together a few facts / tips regarding riding here in Majorca and Spain in general:

  • All road traffic runs on the right.
  • At roundabouts, give way to your left.
  • The speed limit is generally 50KPH unless otherwise sign posted.
  • Mopeds have a yellow rear number plate, every other vehicle has a white rear number plate.
  • Motorbikes over 125cc can use the motorway (i.e. anything with a white rear number plate).
  • Motorway signals are blue.
  • Motorway speed limit is 120KPH.
  • A motorcycle helmet is mandatory. Riding without one is illegal and rigorously enforced by the police.
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Hiring a Motorbike or Scooter in Majorca
A guide to hiring a motorbike or scooter on the island of Majorca.
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