Migjorn Marine Reserve of Majorca (Marina del Migjorn)

Migjorn Marine Reserve Majorca

The Migjorn Marine Reserve is between Cabo Blanco (White Cape), Ses Salines Cape (Cabo Ses Salines) and Cala Figuera, and has a total area of 22.332 hectares going as far down a 50 metres deep.

Between Ses Salines and Cala Figuera there lies one of the most important sea beds for fishing Cleaver wrasse (Raors / Xyrichthys novacula) which it is an area of special protection where fishing, diving or anchoring is not allowed.

In the rest of the Marine Reserve, professional fishing is allowed, as well as recreational and spearfishing with certain restrictions.

Recreational Fishing

Allowed everywhere except in the special protection area between Cala Figuereta and Punta des Baus.

Tackle and Rod – maximum 1 rod per fisherman and hooks size of 7mm or less, except for Cleaver Wrasse (raor) see below.

Cleaver Wrasse Fishing – hooks up to 5,7mm during the allowed season, which is between September and March

Spearfishing – fishing is allowed with a special permit, except in the special protection area, or on Tuesday and Fridays.

Deep Sea Diving – only allowed with a special permit, extraction of sea materials is completely forbidden.

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