Bunyola to Orient Section of the Palma de Mallorca to Santa Maria Cycle Route

The church in the centre of Bunyola Majorca

This stretch of the Palma to Santa Maria cycle route covers approximately 10.5KM, uphill for the most part. The journey takes you from 200 meters above sea level at Bunyola to 525 meters at its peak, Coll d’Honor. There are some great views into the valleys of Majorca on the way. From the peak there is a descent of approximately 4KM into the village of Orient.

The route starts immediately opposite Bunyola town square up a small road for around 200 meters. At the top there is a left turn and then it’s a simple case of following the narrow country road all the way to Orient.

The road has many hairpin turns which can be particularly tricky during the decent into Orient. I’d advise caution with your speed during this stretch as some of the bends can come up on you quite quickly and if you make a mistake, you could easily be thrown off the mountain! In general, the road is quite with regards traffic, but vehicles do use the route, so be prepared.

In my opinion, the best time of year to tackle this is around March to June, as the climate at this time of year will make things much easier. I’d avoid coming here specifically to have a crack at this during the winter months, say November to February, as the road can sometimes be closed due to snow.

There are no shops or other facilities along the route once you have left Bunyola, so make sure you have stocked up on all your essentials before leaving the town (i.e. fluids). In addition, once you’re in the mountains you will have no mobile phone signal.

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Bunyola to Orient Section of the Palma de Mallorca to Santa Maria Cycle Route
A guide to the Bunyola to Orient section of the Palma de Mallorca and Santa Maria cycling route. Includes maps and photos.
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