May Festival at S’Horta Majorca

23/05/2017 all-day
07669 S'Horta
Illes Balears
May Festival at S'Horta Majorca @ S'Horta | S'Horta | Illes Balears | Spain

Located on the south eastern side of the island (about 15 mins drive from Cala D’or) S’Horta (pronounced ‘SORTA’) has its village festival the last week in May. One of the highlights is the fair, which happens on the Sunday of the festival around 23rd of May.

This small inland village, which normally people just pass through on the way to Cala D’or or Porto Colom, sees its main road closed and the stall holders and exhibitions moving in. There is a stage set up in the square where night time activities of a musical nature take place. Stalls of every description offer their wares and you can also sample the delights of a Majorcan snack such as churos (long star shaped sticks of doughnut type pastry, served in a bag and sprinkled with sugar) or Empanadas Carne (meat pies), as well as the usual hot dogs and hamburgers. There are also many tempting cakes are on offer. The bars are always open for a coffee, beer or soft drink, but you may find that it’s ‘standing room only’.

There are basket stalls, pottery stalls, toy stalls and even stalls selling tools. It is usual for musicians to wander about the fair playing the traditional Majorcan pipes and drums – the pipes look somewhat similar to bagpipes but sound very different.

For the mechanically minded, an exhibition of motor transport is located in amongst the stalls. This year the Seat 600 club displayed their many fine examples of this vehicle. The Seat 600 looks very like the Fiat 600 – the reason is quite simple, they are in fact one and the same Seat coming into possession of the jigs and machinery when Fiat replaced this model. The other notable vehicle display was the Mobilette moped exhibits. These auto cycles may look very familiar as they graced the roads of Britain in the 50’ and 60’s. As with the cars, the majority of these mopeds are still fully roadworthy and will have been driven to the fair. You can see the I.T.V. (the equivalent of our M.O.T.) stickers in the windscreens of the cars as testament to their condition, as well as the amount of ‘elbow grease’ evident on the bodywork.

Take the time also to wander down the side streets where the stalls continue, selling the likes of small versions of Spanish guitars (they really play too!) and antiques, woodcarving or clothes. As with any festival or parade etc., make sure you park well away from the venue and walk in. Don’t hurry and make sure you see everything before deciding on a purchase. Pots stalls prices seem particularly reasonable and you can pick up a great souvenir for a good price and, as long as it does not weigh too much, you should be able to get it back home in your suitcase!

May Festival at S'Horta Majorca
Details of the May festival held in S'Horta, Majorca. Includes map and photos.

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