Beach Flags used in Majorca

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The beaches in Majorca have a flag system to inform swimmers and visitors of the regulations and facilities available. These beach flags can be changed during the day and they […]


Poisonous Fish of Majorca Mediterranean Sea

Scorpion fish

There are not many species of poisonous fish that are commonly found in the waters around Majorca, however there are a few that you should be aware of before venturing […]


Types of Jellyfish Around Majorca

A jellyfish

Jellyfish are invertebrates which present special cells used to capture prey and defend themselves. These cells have a poisonous capsule inside. When a prey or predator makes contact with the […]


A Guide to Puerto Portals (Portals Nous)

Puerto Portals view from the cliffs above showing beach and port

You’ll find Puerto Portals, or Portals Nous as it is known by in Catalan, located just 9KM from Palma de Mallorca and around 16KM from the airport. This is a luxury […]